Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Is that TINKER-BELL?  
It's Riley all dressed up by herself for her 3rd birthday!

Looks like they have the same beautiful blue eyes!

It's amazing to think that Miss Riley is 3! She is such a ham and so much fun to be around! Her energy is always at high speed and she is guaranteed to make you laugh!  Honestly she speaks with the most keen sense of imagination I've ever seen in a child her age and then, out of nowhere, she'll make some random extremely educated remark and you catch yourself having to close your mouth!  Riley is refreshing.  She makes you remember to have a good time!  
Unfortunately at this years party her bestest little friend that she's had since birth, Miss Karsyn was unable to attend.  Karsyn has recently been diagnosed with a very rare form of leukemia and is presently living about 3 of 4 weeks in Vanderbilts Childrens Hospital here in Nashville.  As difficult as I can only imagine it was on Julie and Larry to celebrate Rileys big day I know that Karsyn was on everyone's mind and hearts!   In fact they were selling armbands for TEAM KARSYN to help go towards the proceeds of her already astronomical medical bills.  Fortunately they are able to visit weekly and let the girls enjoy each others company which is to me just so precious!  
Well, as the party was underway, rollerskates, cake, gifts and arcade games were going in full swing by everyone that attended.  Big Sister Jaylen even got in on her age groups skating contest and made 3rd out of 4!  This was her first time to skate in the 9-10 year old division.  The party was an incredible success and Riley was showered with more TinkerBell costumes and dress-up items than imaginable!  I tell you that girl plays dress-up and enjoys her toys more than anyone I know!!  When you purchase a gift for Riley it's a guarantee that it will be well played with! are a bright ray of delight.  You have just the perfect mix of your Mom and Dad thats created the most creative, fun-loving and exciting granddaughter this MeMe could be blessed with!  I look forward to watching you blossom and grow in the coming years and share with you the meaning of being a "Middle Sister!"  
Happy Birthday Riley Claire!  


Hey...even fairy's and princesses have to pick ever once in a while!   lol 

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