Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It's 3:10 am and I should be in bed.  
There is so much on this brain
I've caught up on two weeks worth of blogging and cant seem to find where they just posted....hummm

*see how Lenora did in Gastonia, NC in the Teacher of the Year finals
*check on Joye, Joye
*make several more batches of Peppermint Bark
*check BP
*design a digital Christmas card and email as I've not mailed the two stacks in front of me
*mail box to West Palm Beach
*go by cemetery
*take bread to Tanisha at Dr. Swauncys
*gift for dirty Santa party
*church on Friday/Saturday nights
*check email!!
*call Gracie
*call Megan
*recheck BP .. lol

GO TO BED NOW to be up by 7 and get this list completed
sweet dreams...

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