Jewelry by me

Some of my earlier days of creating with beads by Swarovski and glass beads found at local hobby stores.   Now, some 5 years later my creations are a lot more detailed and made much easier since I invested in a 100'x tabletop magnifier!  :)   Making earring are a breeze and I usually make 5 or 10 of the same style, however when it comes to necklaces and bracelets they are usually one of a kind!  At crafts festivals, beading workshops and local vendors it seems I find a lot of "similar" items.  Like the ones I'll be posting below (my earlier creations)  ...  I've learned over the years to create outside the box and especially love to create something that matches a specific outfit.  You know how you may find something when shopping and it's the right color but it hangs to low or not long enough?  I've come to enjoy the girls showing me what they want to wear and my being able to create something for the outfit and occasion!  Shopping yard sales, flea markets and antique shops have enabled me to experiment with restringing to recreating from old broken jewelry. My favorite piece lately was an old belt that I paid .50 for.  It looked horrible.  After a great soaking, some elbow grease, pliers and bolt cutters I created a spectacular belt that has gotten many compliments!  

Well, anyway, here's a glance at some of my earlier pieces and horrible photography!  lol   I'll post the newer items tomorrow!  

more tomorrow...I can't keep my eyes open!!  

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