Wednesday, April 25, 2012


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I'm trying something new today.  Well, new on my blog that is.  There's a blog that I've been following for some time now called Vocalpoint.  It's full of information on home/life/family issues and introduces you to all kinds of new products from top brands.  I've received several full size samples in the mail along with coupons as well as some "travel size" items.  It makes going to the mailbox exciting these days!  The neater thing is there are reviews from other users and personally to me, that's as valuable as a coupon or a sample, ya know.  Actually, I love the reviews.  They are honest and direct.  Some offer other uses for the product as well.  So...without further a~due here is their website.  
Go join.  It's free!  
They don't bombard your inbox with useless emails (just occasional reminders) and the site itself isn't so cram-packed with info that you get lost.  

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Yesterday began my first day of classes at Big Picture Classes!  I am so excited!  Cannot wait to receive my prizes in the mail but until then I am improvising.  One of the first assignments was to write my own definition of the word beauty.  While reading the handout it reminded me of one of my past posts. About finding beauty behind the lens of your camera.  It's so so very true.  Once you begin looking through the lens and "seeing" things from that viewpoint you begin to see color, shape, sizes and so much much more.  It's amazing!!  You realize how much you "overlooked" before.

My daughter, Stephanie laughs each time I take my camera into Hobby Lobby, Michale's or Pier 1!  It is thrilling for me to go shopping with her as I've captured some of my favorite shots during these trips and I don't spend a fortune!   When Christmas decorations are set out for the holidays or the summer time colors fill the's exciting for me!!  Well, I hope you're getting the point here...see beauty in everything, everywhere around you!

Now back to my assignment.  Defining beauty.  When I began to ponder on my meaning so many visual images popped into my head.  As I started transferring those images into words I was overwhelmed with several different emotions.  Ideas like an old couple holding hands and wondering what their story held, the birth of a newborn, an eagle soaring, a mama bird feeding her young, a rainbow after the storm, a blind person feeling someones image.   For me this simple task became a spiritual journey.   Beauty is spiritual.  It's what you make it.  There is, I believe, beauty in everything, yes...everything!  It's like finding & knowing true happiness only after having experienced heart wrenching pain.  One can only appreciate certain things after having endured hardships or hurt.

Needless to say my definition was lengthy.  I needed to simplify it for myself.  Even though I loved the ideas I had written I really felt the need to make it simple and speak on it's on with few words.

Maybe I should post my note...then you can see where this came about.  Here is my final idea.  It's not set in stone as I've really had it on my mind all day today..., until I feel that "This is it" moment this is what I've chosen to use as my definition for Beauty in my life.

These are my words.  Simple, straight from my ole heart.  Let me encourage you to think about and create too your own definition too!   of course I had to create a tag with  feel free to snag and share if you'd like.  My only "rule" is give credit where credit is due and comment with a little Thank you!


Sweet dreams beautiful you!!  

Monday, April 23, 2012

Some of these photos I've used earlier.  I've got a friend who is going through some really difficult times right now.  She asked me to keep her in her prayers so while creating I felt inspired to use some "words" we shared while chatting.  Love you Gloria!  Your friendship is precious to me.  Continue seeking the right's there, it's within your grasp.  Letting go is hard... i know!!

night all~

Jersey's walking!

I've been saying it since the day she was born...Jersey is smarter than any child I've been around!
Well the past 3 days she has finally decided to let us have what we've all been waiting for...her walking debut!  She has kept us on the side of our seats and teased us for months.  Just when you think she was going to take off...she'd sit down, or if you asked her to walk when you reached for her she basically lifted both feet off the ground and giggled!  The last 4 months she has climbed onto and into her walker and proceeded to break speed limits and loves banging straight into everything!! Of course laughing the entire time! today is what she offered Meme and I happened to have the phone in my hand...(I'm soooo thankful for these new phones!!)  

Now the fun begins as I try to keep up with her!!  

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Photo journaling...

I decided to work on two different photo portfolios in the last couple of days.  
Where my brain comes up with some of these things is beyond me.

 The First:  Daily life with MS

I've been thinking about all these medications I'm on.  
Morning, noon, night, midnight, three x's a week, PRN, injections, with food, without grapefruit juice, no operating large machinery, may cause drowsiness, no driving, countless alcohol swabs, needles,prescription bottle recycling projects, injection site irritation...the list goes on and on...

Before I ate dinner tonight I gathered the usual dosage of "before dinner meds". While doing this I realized I really wasn't hungry and giggled thinking that I'd be full by the time I took all these pills anyway... which gave me the inspiration for my first shot...

My Dinner needs some color!
 (remember growing up...meat, potatoes, yellow or green veggie)

then without eating I thought about dessert...

 the truth is I should have used the actual meds I would take after dinner before bedtime as dessert..but that's an afterthought as I'm looking at the pictures. we can retake that later.  

You've got the idea.  Tomorrow I'm going to try to capture a few pictures in the life of me with MS.  Trust me it'll be nothing spectacular unless Miss Jersey decides to completely walk alone! In my goal of creating images that others can relate too I thought that maybe I should capture my life with MS and add some humor to it when I could.
 This isn't intended to make lite of Multiple Sclerosis or any disease what-so-ever!  I live this everyday and if it wasn't for the faith I have, the laughter I can find and the support I am given then I'd go stir-crazy in a second!  So enjoy with me as we continue this photo journey in the coming days and weeks!  

Second photo-journal

What's pleasing to my eye...

As I traveled across town this afternoon I had the opportunity to see this amazing pink/purple sky in my rear view mirror.  Unfortunately where I was had me sitting much too low to capture its full beauty but here is what I saw and how I created a "memorable moment" with it.

        isn't the color of that sunset spectacular!!  You see this confirms it.  God in His spare time is indeeed an artist!!  Could you imagine having the awesome ability to create sunsets?  Seriously ... how do people NOT believe in God when they witness something so amazing!  
So as I'm driving down the road I'm looking around and around, over my shoulder, out the back window trying to find a "higher ground" so I can shoot this sunset.

Well well...I see this church sign and only catch a glimpse of what it says.  I rush to make an illegal u-turn because something tells me I must see this.  As I pull into the drive of the church, I realize it's on a hill....a good size hill mind ya.  I throw my truck into park, firmly press the emergency brake, throw the door open and start shooting.... My brain finds what the sign says to be neat but my heart is warmed and I find myself pushing the camera to the side to read the name of the church atop the marque.  Scenic View.  Scenic View Baptist Church.  How very, very appropriate!  You see friends, this is how My God and I chat.  On way more ocassions than I can recall He has written a message to me on a marque or billboard!!
How grateful I am that during rush hour in Middle Tennessee God places a hill, a sign, a sunset and more-so an opportunity for me to capture His beauty!  I didn't get the "sunset" I was after but I indeed captured a photograph that I find peaceful and inspiring.  To top it off the power pole in the photograph is perfectly centered to cooperate with my OCD tendencies of photography and looks to me just like a cross!  Judge for yourself.
You see...He gave me that moment.  It's my duty and my privilege to honor Him by sharing it!    
God is so good!  He's so good to me!!

Have a blessed tomorrow my friend!  

P.S.  Hey Debbie...aren't you proud of my U-turn!!  lol

my treasured friendship

There was a knock at the door.  I'm trying to put my hair up in a towel while shouting, "Just a minute."  What a pleasant surprise!  YOU~  The one man in the world who knows my faults and has seen me at my worst. 

You step inside, wrap your arms around me so firmly and embrace me so tight that I didn't have a second to process one thought.  Your scent and warmth are all I recall as you utter the words, "Bri, I'm just so lonely."  Oh my that split second my heart broke.. Words I would have never expected from you.  As we proceed to have a seat you make a comment about the many times you've slept on this couch...we laugh and within a matter of moments your head is resting on my chest and you're holding my hand.    

We sit without words for some time.  We know each other all too well.  This is what you needed.  No questions.  Just me,  Bri~  being who I am with you and, being who you are with me.  If there is one thing I've learned over the decades of friendship with you it's  when you want to let it out you will.  Don't pressure you.  Let you open up at your pace~ on Nantz-time.
I'm so sorry that you are going though this.  I can promise it will get better and easier.  It's almost like dealing with grief because you are missing a part of your existence that you've lived for 20+ years. Missing the "life" that was inside your home that is now gone.  Learning how to really exist within four walls when the only sounds you have are from the television or a frequent visitor that may drop in.  Preparing meals for one.  Bathrooms at your beckon call.   No more waiting... Realizing that it takes a week to fill the dishwasher so hand-washing is easier..

I'm so sorry.  I know we've sent text, jokes, spoken on the phone,  discussed the kids and mutual friends. We've even seen each other for short visits and grabbed a beer.   I'm just so sorry that I did not realize that you were going through all this.  I should have been able to pick up on it.  I've been there...I know!  I am so so sorry.  Please accept my apology. You are the greatest man I know outside my Dad and Big George.  They're family, they don't!
I wish there were words inside me that I could pen to tell you just how much having you in my life means to me.  I've loved you for so long.  A love so different than anything I've ever encountered.  You are the real deal.  No facades.  I'm grateful for you being in my life and allowing me to be me.  Thank you for being the you that I know tonight.  By knocking on the door it confirms that you acknowledge how precious our relationship is.  (Others may never understand it but that's okay)  I will always be here, period as I know you will be. 
This will pass. You will overcome and this emptiness will fade.  Joy, laughter and great times will soon return.  We are a rare breed my dear. Others see us as the ones that make them laugh and rejoice.  We are caregivers.  All too often these caregivers forget that they need to be cared for as well.  You opened your heart in a special way and it did not go unseen.  I love you dearly Wendell Nantz for being the greatest "boy" friend ever in this gals life.  There I said it...and so openly this time!  

My door is always open ... thank you for remembering!            

Monday, April 16, 2012

Create yourself!

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My Only Hope

I just love my baskets by Longaberger.  They have many purposes around my home as well as my favorite which is one of my summer-time purses.  Thought I'd photograph some of them and use them for some inspirational messages!  Just another one of their many purposes!!  

Mr. Bret found these today and splurged for Mom!  haha!  As a kid I loved these and I turned my kids onto them years later.  I've not seen these in forever.  I have purchased a few knockoffs but they didn't compare to these from my days!!
so for the record....
This is the only time I'll ever say,
 "Thank you son for my cigarettes!"  lol

Red Velvet Yummieness!

My boys love red velvet cake.  They got that from their Dad.  It's the only thing sweet he would ever eat.  So, lately I've been playing with cake recipes.  Putting new ingredients together and adding a splash of different flavorings here and there.  I'm trying to remember to write down the exact amounts for future reference 'cuz this gal never uses measuring spoons when baking. 
 Anyways, I decided to bake Bret a cake since he didn't get to partake in our Easter celebration as he was on call all weekend.  My goal was to create a cream-filled red velvet that was creamy and not gritty. The great thing was Bret walked in and immediately said, "Wow, what's cooking it smells great!" When I told him red velvet he was all smiles.  It worked out even better because he was there to taste test the filling and the icing.  

Here is the picture of my cupcakes I used for samples.  Once we decided on the correct amounts I began on my cake layers.  I'm also attaching the recipe if you'd like to give it a try. 

       Filled Red Velvet 

Ingredients for cake:  
1- package Red Velvet cake mix
3 large eggs
1/3 Cup oil (I use canola)
1 1/4 Cup warm water
1- 12 oz package vanilla instant pudding
1/2 teaspoon almond flavor (optional) 

Preheat oven to 350*
Grease pan with solid shortening and flour pans

In large bowl combine cake mix, eggs, oil, water, dry pudding mix and almond flavoring.  Mix on medium for 2 minutes. Pour into a bundt pan.   Lightly drop pan onto counter to remove any air bubbles.  Immediately place in oven.  Bake 40-45 minutes until center is done. 

Ingredients for filling:

12 oz cream cheese at room temperature
1 stick butter softened
1/4 teaspoon vanilla
1 Tablespoon milk
4 - 5 Cups Powdered sugar
1 cup Cool Whip

Cream together cream cheese and butter. 
Add vanilla, 1 tablespoon milk
slowly add about 4 Cups of the powdered sugar while blending.  Bring it to a light stiffness.  
fold in 1 Cup Cool Whip

Once cake is cooled take a Wilton bag using a #21 tip and fill with filling 
fill a sandwich bag with icing and snip a corner off
pierce a whole with the back of a knife into the top of the cake or wherever you want your filling
if you're using a bundt pan you can enter the cake from the top or the side in a couple of locations.  If you are using a 13x9 in pan you can make multiple "piercings" into the cake or as I show above with the cupcake just make one hole.  
Lightly, VERY LIGHTLY apply pressure from the bag and fill.  If you overfill it will cause the cake to "burst" as Bret called it!  

Now....with the remaining icing add the last cup of powdered sugar for a stiffer "Icing" and apply to top and sides of cake.  If you used a bundt cake you apply the icing to the top and allow to gently cascade down the side. 



Sunday, April 15, 2012


sooooo had to share this...

At they were having a giveaway and yours truly won!!  YIPPPPPEE

It gives me the opportunity to attend one of Heidi Swapps online classes!  


The winner of the BPC giveaway is…
Bridgitte said… I would really enjoy taking Heidi's class and learning more!
 The Art of Observation sounds so creative! I'd really like to know/learn how
 to express and describe when I don't have my camera or the photo doesn't turn out.

…Congratulations Bridgitte! Have a wonderful time in Heidi’s class
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I also won a wonderful prize pack!  I'm beyond excited and cannot wait to start this class!  Amazing how God works! There's a few days left to sign up! 

so much to share!!

okay so it's 12:16 am on Sunday morning and of course I should be sleeping but I've got soooo much to share!  I know that my Easter post is not finished but I promise to do so tomorrow!

Lets see:  Monday found me in so much pain it was crazy!  I swanny I have honestly become such a wuss lately... anyway...after multiple, multiple, phone calls to the Neurologist, my family physician, the pain management group and even my home health I was directed/ordered to go to the ER immediately as my blood pressure had risen to well over 240/180 and this is with BP meds...  Let me just state this before I go any further.  I don't know of anyone that can "fake" their bp reading and why they would but it's scary I know this now first hand!!   If you know me well enough to find me crying and calling my daughter to break the news I cannot watch the baby then you know I'm hurting.  Being needed is my job. Being in pain and allowing my children to see me like this is NOT something I like, period.

With Jersey in tow we arrive at the local ER.  My face feels as though a million needles are sticking in my teeth feel the sensation of air with every breath (I don't have any cavities or such) my head is bursting with a throbbing sensation that is going straight to my neck.  If screaming would help I honestly think I would have at this point.

The physician arrives and immediately, IMMEDIATELY judges me off of my pain meds alone.  OMG...I am looking at this man like "are you seriously kidding me?"  He comments that because I named all my meds by heart and called them "my meds" that those words alone were the sign of a person addicted to medications.  WHAT?  I thought Stephanie was going to come unglued.  He continued to lecture me for a good 10 minutes on how the state of Tennessee is smaller than California and how our addiction rate is 100x higher and how the Attorney General is trying to arrest and close down all these "Doctors" that are prescribing narcotics.  When I commented that I only take them as needed and sometimes have a few left over he accused me of "stock piling" them in my home with an infant.   Oh man......there were no words for the series of accusations he basically made at the side of my bed as I lay and finally.....finally.....I just blurted out, "Okay, then you, you tell me what to do after 15+ years of pain and 2 failed surgeries to correct the problem".  His only comment was, "You do have a terrible disease, one that causes a lot of pain, but I have no answer for you."   He followed with, "I will give you a pain shot to get your bp down and run a CT Scan and we'll go from there.  

Friends, let me say that aggravated doesn't even begin to describe how I was feeling.   After two hours and my blood pressure remaining around the same he returned to say, "Oh it appears you have Trigeminal Neuralgia.  This is excruciating and there is really nothing to give you total relief but I will be happy to give you another shot of pain meds.  He then places a "pain patch" over the entire left side of my face and wished me well and sent me away with a CT full of "Neurologist concerns".    

Now.'s several days later and I think the anger I was experiencing has finally calmed.  Anger is rare for me, I do get irritated from time to time but angry, no.   Well, needless to say he "riled my feathers!"   By the time Thursday came around,  Ms Meghan Underwood, my homehealth care advocate came by and my bp was within an acceptable range, she told me to forget about him and especially his attitude.  It's hard.  He made me feel like an absolute criminal or the equal of a drug addict looking for a fix.  It was reassuring to hear her tell me how well I handle my MS (notice I said MY MS)  how I'm able to take my medications without incident and how nice it was to have a patient that understood her diagnosis, prognosis and care plan.  Whew...okay, so I'm feeling somewhat myself when she leaves.  She's such a sweetheart!

So...Friday rolls around.  It's time I see Jay at Pain Management.  (if you've read my other Pain Management posts you'll understand this a bit better)    I'm NEVER late for a Drs appt.  My appt was at 8:30am.  I wake after not sleeping for days at 8:15!!  Really?  Seriously?  I'm able to throw my clothes on and jump in the car and sign in at 8:40!  Whew...... They ask me to pee.  Now I've just woke and tinkling you'd think would be easy breezy first thing, right?  Not hardly.  I began the chore of drinking a cupful of water in my little styrofoam cup.  Cup after cup.  For the record, I hate water and especially first thing in the morning!  My belly begins to feel bloated and after the umpteenth cup I think I'm going to throw it all back up.

My name is called.  I'm weighed and again I rejoice at the numbers the scale flashes back...then giggle thinking that 5 lbs is all this water I've just inhaled!   I spend several moments alone waiting for Jay when Ambre enters the room.  I've seen her on one other ocassion and we begin chatting about the recent weeks events.  My goodness...oh my goodness...I feel like she has heard me.  I mean REALLY HEARD ME!  She begins to share with me what her plan of action will be to get this Trigeminal Neuralgia under control and how to help me in reducing my meds.  Especially my pain meds.  Somehow during our conversation I stated that I even "write on my blog about my pain" and I've really been praying that God help me understand and learn from all this.  Well, well, well... I said, I'm a Christian and I know there is something for me to learn in this.  Mrs. Ambre says so sweetly, "I'm a Christian and I'm proud of it too".....


those words were so peaceful to me.  Okay, so here go the tears as I type....just hearing her say that~~ and as we began our a new conversation based on beliefs and faith I had an overwhelming sense of empowerment take over me it was,,, eyeopening.  During our moments of sharing she also jotted down her sister-in-laws blog that I've had the joy to read.  It's refreshing to read other blogs where children, family, faith and the Love of the Lord abide!

Who knew that in the years of the 21st century we would be sharing our faith via social medias through the www?
I recall as a young person in GA's (Girls in Action) and later as an Acteen that God promised everyone will have heard his name by his return.  EVERYONE.  I often wondered how that would be possible.  How?  hummmm....this, this right here is just one of the many ways.

so...after my visit...the last two days my thoughts have been filled with the previous weeks historical history.    History of pain.  History of how Jesus was persecuted, rejected, made fun of and then humiliated.   How He was betrayed.  The pain His body and His spirit endured during the days leading up to His death.  The torment He encountered while being crucified.  The heckling and calling of the people to persecute Him, persecute Him... and yet He paid a debt for you, for me.  A debt I certainly cannot pay.

What is it that this pain I am feeling is teaching me?  Is it to understand the pain of others? Is it to draw me closer to the Lord by humbling myself more to His will?  Is it to make me more appreciative of each day He gives me life?  Certainly it is these and many more but why does He allow us to have hard days?  Days of grief, sorrow, days when we are discouraged.  Days when the world feels like it's so bitter that nothing can bring a smile. Personally I believe that if we don't endure some dark days,  then, we will never appreciate the good days.  Goodness knows that on one of "My good MS days"  I am often quick to forget to to Thank Him!  Yet I'm first in line calling on him when the times get dark.  So all this hasn't been in vain this week.  My eyes have been open to others "pains" around me.  Financial worries, marriage commitment, job woes, family burdens, sickness,'s been everywhere just not in the form of physical hurt that I'm presently experiencing.  

so...borrowing the title from Ambres sister-in-laws's Myamazingjourney and mines a little crazy at times but I wouldn't trade it with anyone!  He wrote it, I'm living it!

Thank you Lord for a renewing of your word at a little Dr's office in TN this past week.  Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to sit right here on my bed at 1am and type these words where someone close in miles or someone 1000s of miles away can learn about your gift of salvation and eternal life!  Thank you that the pain I encountered enabled me to have a reassuring visit with Ambre.  Thank you for putting her in my path.  Thank you for letting me have the courage to say "I'm a Christian" and never be afraid or ashamed!!  Thank you for loving me just as I am and for knowing that each of my days are planned by you and you alone.  You are the Lord of Lords.  The King of Kings and you are the Ultimate Prince of PEACE for this girl.  Amen

took this picture while waiting...wish my spine was like Mr. Bonez here!  
just fyi....wonder if the first roller coaster was inspired by the spine?  look at it~lol

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Weekend Celebration

Wow...this past week and weekend has been a whirlwind of celebrations, cookouts, cakes and remembering the real reason we celebrate Easter!

It just so happened my Daddy turned 74 this year on Easter.  We celebrated his birthday with a wonderful cookout and most of the family.  Between the hamburgers, hotdogs, volleyball and corn-hole I believe it's one of the best get togethers we've had in a long time~the weather was perfect! Unfortunately my camera decided to go dead mid-celebration but none-the-less I did manage to capture a couple of shots as Daddy opened up his fountain from the family.  In true Daddy-fashion he managed to pretty much put the entire thing together in a matter of moments without the directions!  I tell ya he should have been an engineer!

I made him a personal birthday cake.  An apple caramel cake with buttercream glaze.  It looks kinda sad in this!  He's not really into the white cakes but I did make one for everyone else to enjoy!  

Daddy putting it together while the boys were all trying to figure out how to make it flow with beer !  (Just kidding)   After enjoying his gift he passed out cigars and the guys enjoyed a nice smoke...even Jamie (my son in law) who had never even smoke a cigarette joined in this time!!

Peer pressure from the adults!!  sad!  

The rest of the evening we shared stories from days gone by and everyone had some cake before the kids started their trips back home! enjoying all of this I was suffering from a severe attack of ?? who knew what.  I kept it to myself as I hate to put a damper on any time we have together but boy oh boy did it rear it's ugly head when I tried to settle down for the evening.  I had more cakes to bake, eggs to create and a special simple surprise for my neighbor Tyler, who is 6 and plays with Jersey so sweetly!  I took the normal amount of pain meds and prayed...and I do mean I prayed diligently!  Well...before I knew it I had completed my baking and it was only 12:06 am!!  I couldn't believe it was so early!!  I decided to jump in the shower and let the warm water beat down on my neck and face and again I found myself praying that God would give me a good nights sleep.  
Welp...the sleep never came.  Tossing, turning every two was crazy!   The pain began taking over my entire left cheek , eye, teeth and neck.  Crying seemed to be the only remedy so I silently wept into my pillow.  What was going on?  Why today?  It's Easter Sunday.  Then suddenly I am reminded that it was on Easter Sunday in 1998 that I woke with Bells Palsy on my right side and ended up in the hospital for a weeks stay.  I was eventually diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis during that wonderful stay-cation at Southern Hills Hospital by Dr. Bret Thorstad.  
So....of course I'm now asking God what is it that I'm suppose to be "getting" to be "understanding" on this day?  Why would He allow me to be infected with this severe pain on Easter on two separate occassions?  What is it that I'm not hearing him tell me?  Over and over the past two months I've been hearing the Lord to pray earnestly, diligently and very specifically for every single family member in our extended family.  (Just today I shared this with my sister Debbie)  I feel like He is sharing with me a heartache and my job is to be the strong one during the trial if that makes any sense.  He is also pressing me very firmly to finish my children's book so that it can become published soon.  anyway....what all this has to do with me being in pain I don't know!  Unless....unless it's during these times I hear him more clearly.  I'm planted in a sense.  You know, not praying then jumping up and going about my business.  I'm planted to where I'm alone, I'm more one on one with Him and I HEAR His answers when I'm struggling with pain.  This may sound crazy but I'm sorta guessing this is the answer for the moment......
anyway,,,,back to Easter.  So it's now Sunday morning and I'm expected to be at church greeting newcomers.  I look in the mirror and I can't even smile.  The entire side of my face looks as though I've had an overdose of Botox!  My face is flushed and I'm burning up with a fever.  What to do??  How can I be greeting people when I'm feeling like this?  Trust me....I DO believe that one smile can change someones day but the way I'm feeling if someone smiles at me I'm liable to burst into tears!  How's that for honesty? I pick up the phone and make a phone call that I DO NOT want to make but I feel I need to rest...I need to spend time with my family in a couple of hours and God's okay with this. Just as I hang up there is a knock at the door.  It's Karen, Tyler's mom.  She asks' again for directions to our church as she tells me I look horrible.  Now that's funny!!!  I give her a brochure and retreat to my bedroom.   
 I plug the roller in, lay down and fall asleep for all of an hour and forty-five minutes but it was much needed sleeps!   Upon waking I unplug the curlers, grab my jeans and t-shirt (so much for the Easter outfit) and I load the car with the baked goods and just as I'm walking out the door Tylers mom walks out and we exchange, "hey hey" doing so she asks me why I didn't go to church and we begin a short conversation about how I was feeling.  She has just recently had surgery and we've been a great help to each other.  I would normally now write, "Funny how God works"  but I've learned how He works and it's AMAZING!  She proceeds to tell me how she took Tyler to visit our church and how much they both enjoyed it.  She even went on to say how glad she was that I was home so she could tell me because they were leaving for East Tennessee for a few days.  Now...with all this tell me God doesn't work in AMAZING WAYS!  Here I was stressing about leaving for church when all the while, had I left, Karen wouldn't have know where to take Tyler.  To boot...this was both of their first Easter service ever!!  Now I find that to be the works of GOD! I'm on the way to my moms.  Feeling a bit better after having popped my narcotics and drinking a cool cup of coffee.  I'm excited to see everyone and I'm running late...go figure!  Low and behold I arrive and I am early!!  My daughter and her family have arrived but everyone else is running late!!  I help mom pat out hamburgers and get things set up as the kids begin to arrive.  We have the men hide the eggs for the little ones and begin cooking.  The granddaughters were perfect.  No fussing.  No naps needed.  It was a blessed time getting everything prepared for lunch and their hunt! I was able to stay as busy as a bee which helped keep my mind off my pain somewhat.  The girls hunted for their eggs and I enjoyed playing on the ground in my jeans while taking pictures of them being silly!  It was magical for me!  As I was taking pictures a bird began singing a song and I felt like God had given me my "church music' right there with that little two winged fella!  Church service was coming to me!  Yep that's what I said.  I may not have seen the special guest from American Idol sing her song but I did get to enjoy the song of a beautiful robin (i think) and watch bunnies and turkeys trot and hop along the fields at moms.   
Riley asked me why I made a lamb cake and in the simplest way I tried telling her how in the Bible they always picked the best lamb to give as a gift (sacrifice) to honor God.  Keep in mind she's only 3 so I had to bring this to her level.  It was like picking out toys at Christmas to give to the needy.  We picked out of their good toys not the broken ones.  She was content with my explanation and I realized that again church had come to me.  As much as I believe in going  to church and keeping in contact with fellow believers I also believe that church is where you make it.  Like today.  
Here's a picture of our precious little lamb and our pastel eggs that I made for our Easter celebration.  

This is Tylers special "egg-shaped" cake with his black buny

The following pictures are of the granddaughters enjoying time together and finding eggs.

quick post....more to come to finish my story!!

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