Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I will post family reunion & surgery updates this week. 

 Sorry....I've been snoozing!   : )  
Tonight's grocery list:

                           1. Chicken Cordon-bleu ingredients

                           2. the latest Nashville Scene

                           3. a bag of those dried pineapples

                           4. a man to call my own.

~~ of course if the world is ending I won't need any of these ~~

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Spyghmomanometer & Sternocleidomastoid

Our family story about learning how to spell.    

When Little Larry was in the second grade we were going over his weekly spelling words.  We had gotten to that word which was the month of December.   We made up flash cards each week and he would go though them and practice and later we of course would take turns working with Larry.  

Midway through the week Larry asked me in such an inquisitive way, "Mom, why do we have a bonus word?"  My explanation was something to like, "well son it gives you a chance to earn extra points on a harder word....."  he proceeds to say, "well, it should be much harder words if you ask me."  His dad and I both just laughed out loud and he then says, "Did you have bonus words in college?"  I don't remember telling him I had "bonus" words but spelling came easy to me.  I do however, remember telling him that two of the words I had to learn were not spelled the way I thought they should be.  I then wrote the words down on one of the flashcards.  He asked what they meant and I showed him in one of my books.  

Friday comes around and I get a note on his spelling test that is folded in half.  I look at him and say, do you know what this is?  He replied, "yes' and it's not right Mom."   As I read down 1-10 each spelling word is correct.  I then notice the bonus word is NOT December.  In it's place he has written down and spelled correctly Spyghmomanometer and sternocleidomastoid along with a short definition of each.  The teacher has written beside it, Larry these are great words but not your bonus word.  When I asked him to explain what he did his reply was, "I thought if I used your big words I would get more bonus points!" 

 You gotta hand it to him as a second grader for getting these right but as I told him, he has to follow directions.    


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Geesh, it 7:30 am and I'm meeting my new physician that took Dr. Shutes position.  His name is Jay.  Very nice, very lengthy and asking me questions!  New approach!  lol  Seriously, I felt very comfortable with him.  We're still waiting patiently for insurance to pull the magic rabbit out of their hat and tell me I'm approved for surgery........((tapping pencil on desk))   He's concerned my blood pressure is high.  It normally runs around 100/60 but again today it's elevated.  148/106.  We discuss this for several minutes and we see a trend with my pain elevation and BP elevation running parallel.  I promise to go visit my Primary Care Physician and I'm fortunate that they get me right in. 

 Dr. Swauncy is an excellent, stern yet comical physician.  He scolds me as it's been one year as of April 16th since my last visit.  Huh, I see that as a GOOD thing!  My BP is now 158/112.  ughhhhh.   I'm calm, actually other than this darned ole pain I feel great.  Well, now, I have had a headache for 2 days which I never get headaches but I contribute this to my not having slept in 3 days due to all these storms.  When I explain to him that I have an irrational fear of these tornadoes he raises his hand and is right on board with me as he's not originally from the Nashville area or any area that has tornadoes.

~~~Back to the headaches~~~
   My ears are on fire but they dont hurt, he insist on an EKG.  Well one abnormal EKG, 7 vials of blood and an hour later and the BP is only a point different.  Hello Zestril 20 mg q day.  Really...with the amount of medications I take this just became my dessert!  gee-wilikers!!!  He says we'll give it a try for a week, wait on the blood-work and repeat the EKG before we make any further decisions & he'll call the neurologist.  We discuss my weight and the fact that I am no longer able to walk my 3-4 miles even on a treadmill when to my surprise he tells me I've only gained 3 lbs in the past year.  3 lbs?   REALLY!  I would have sworn it was more.  You see, I DO NOT get on scales.  I did at Debbie's and one time with Steph but I learned years ago when I dropped 30 lbs and got down to 126 that weighing drove me nuts!!  So now, I can usually tell especially when we start my "MEGA-DOSE" of steroids.....shoot, my pictures tell it then!  lol   My poor face and upper chest (yes ~ my boobs) hold fluid so badly!!  I'm far from being a vain person but I do care when I start putting on weight.  I'm fine being 150-160 and a size 10-12.  Its when I have to go into my 14's I get irritated.  Besides, being a size 6 or 8 with these girls in the front~no thanks.  I'm not after the Pamela Anderson look.
anyway...how did we get here??  lol

So with my  Spyghmomanometer (remind me to tell you that story)  I have been taking my BP for two days and it's running an average 140ish/100 still.  joy.  the h/a is still present, I'm nauseated but I otherwise feel good!! Really!  I think having MS & Lupus along with the chronic pain from my accident this little stuff I often overlook.  Shame on me!  Here I am the nurse and it's been 12 years since my last female exam so YES it's on the calendar now.  
Well, thats been my past few days. 
 Keeping Jersey is becoming more of a blessing everyday we have this time to bond as MeMe and grandbaby!  I am in heaven watching her! Last night we took her to the Nashville Sounds baseball game along with Michelles son Devin.  What fun they both had!  Again, as I sat beside Stephanie and she was holding Jersey I had this flashback to the countless, and I do mean countless ballgames we attended here with the kids ~ and now the tradition continues!  
My loves its 2:25 and I need to try to sleep. 
Key word "try"
  huggs and kisses to you!!  

Nashville Sounds Reading Night
Jerseys 1st game
Uncle Jamie & Devin
The fireworks were AMAZING although Devin didn't care for them 
Jerseys eyes were the size of a quarter! She loves LOUD!
NiNi won tickets to Montgomery Gentry Concert!  

Some of my favorite Easter images
Celebration of Life for Easter 
     I woke a couple of days before Easter with some thoughts and deep rooted emotions stirring of how Mary must have felt during the duration of her son going through hell here on Earth. To see your son convicted, carrying his cross while shedding his blood and to watch as he was crucified.  How did she endure the pain?  Where did she reach down and pull up enough courage, faith, wisdom and physical strength to make it though this?  
     Now having a personal relationship with Jesus, I know the answer to that.  Yet, it still boggles my mind.  I have never said I have a "Hero" but she may just be that one for me if I had to answer that again.  Jesus of course would be my first answer but Mary...yep, I have to say she is my hero from the mothers perspective.
I've not quite figured out why this has been so deeply embedded in my thoughts other than because it is Easter~~ but God is speaking to me, telling me something, showing me in my mind and I've got to be more conscious to see the answer. Several things enter my "reasoning"  ie, Stephanie being a new mother, Julie about to have baby Zoey, Me having the privilege to keep Jersey each day or is it weighing on me as I see Debbie struggle with trying to grasp what God is doing in Lil' Georges life.  Maybe it's all of these.  I guess I have gotten spoiled in God putting my answers on Billboards and Teeshirts and even tattoos, but, as I've grown deeper in my relationship with him personally, deeper than I have ever realized, I am learning I have to seek harder for the answer sometimes.  Guess it's like going to school.  You are given the work you are expected to have the knowledge to learn and it gets more difficult as you progress. 
 Well, I'm eager to learn our answer!!  
      As for Easter itself.  I had the beautiful opportunity to hear Michael W. Smith perform with the church at World Outreach in Murfreesboro.  They held their service at Murphy Center which is so special to me as my high school graduation. as-well-as all of my children received their HS diplomas there.  The service was full of the most amazing music and I found myself "signing" a few of the words as we sang.  That was an unexpected surprise even to me!!  Michael W. Smith had a song out years ago that became very, very dear to me when our family endured so much loss.  When he started off the music with this the tears began to fall and I wept uncontrollably like a baby.  (Another of Gods signs that I WAS suppose to be there!)  Those going with me changed their minds at the last minute and I went alone and looking back, I'm thrilled~ I enjoyed this alone, or, well, with 3,000+ people but alone nonetheless.  Music is so important to me in serving and hearing what God says to me.   We shared in the Last Supper and as I drank of that cup, again, the images of Marys son~ shedding his blood~ filled my mind~~~ thanking God for my salvation at that moment just didn't seem to be sufficient enough. I am ever so thankful!

Easter morning I had to sneak into Brets bedroom and leave him a little Easter basket.  Silly, I know but he is the only one I have at home and, well, I'm just holding on to him any little way I can.  He's always so appreciative and that makes it that much more fun!  I dressed quickly and my mind raced back to Easter morning as a girl of 5 or 6 and our little dresses and stockings, purses and the rule of "wearing white begins today".  Pink tape that held our bangs at night and bouncy curls for me and Connie.  Daddy pressed Debbies hair.  Funny things we remember.   
      So, I'm off to Larrys.  Julie has to work and her eyes are full of tears as the girls are dressed up and we begin taking pictures.  Mental note to take even more and a video or two so she can join in later.  The girls look precious and beautiful and Larry looks so "fatherly" so grown.  I fight back the tears.  We arrive at SpringHouse with Julies sister, Angie and her husband David.  The "oooohs & awwwws"  at the girls leave me with MEME pride but I have to share this.  My most prized moments were as follows.  

We're standing and singing, clapping, raising hands in praise when I turn to see Riley~hands held high, standing next to her daddy and singing, praising God.  Jaylen on his opposite side singing too.  They are such a musically talented family!!  I look forward to seeing God open the doors for Larrys dream of music, especially in the church!  His family could really be an instrument to many people, including this mom!   

 As the church worshipped with only music on this Easter morning, followed too by the Last Supper, Jaylen began asking questions about becoming a Christian and how she needs to ask God into her heart.  We whispered for 20 minutes.  In the moment with the observation of the Last Supper I realized she had a lot more questions so we talked more following church as she had to leave and go to her moms.  Jaylen lives between two totally different worlds and I pray that I have been and will always be there for her. 

 I anxiously  await the moment when she makes that choice to ask Jesus to come into her heart! All of my grandchildren!! 
The day ended with a nice cookout at my moms with my stepsister & stepbrothers children and old friends as well as an egg hunt for the kiddos.   

     It was a profound 5 days for me.  More profound than I can ever remember any other Easter.  Well,,,as I just typed that I am reminded that Easter Sunday 1998 is when I was rushed to the hospital with a possible stroke, only to learn after a weeks vacation there that I had Multiple Sclerosis.  Look where I am now!!  WOW
Heavenly Father, Lord, Savior and Guide of my soul open my eyes and my heart to hear, see, learn and speak what it is that you so want me to share.  Direct me to find the words, the ways to volunteer, the ways to share here on the great world wide web of your love.  You are working in me...May I work for you and you alone.  
P.S.  Give your mother Mary a huge, huge hug from me!  

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