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Hi! I'm Bridgitte. My mom and dad were bored during the cold winter months of 1963 and I think I'm the product of their boredom! LOL!! Little did they know I would rock their world with my crazy ideas and ways of thinking! Naw, really I'm just a "good ole' Southern girl" who loves life! I say "girl" because I cannot consider myself a Southern Lady. I'm too rough around the edges and enjoy way to many things in the garage that my daddy taught me!! When I think of Southern Ladies I picture my Aunts,and mostly of my two gorgeous and fun loving grandmothers, Memaw and Momma Jett!! Those are ladies in the truest essence of the word.Others might like to see me a bit more prim and proper but I'll stay just the way I am! First and foremost let me share that I am a Child of God. Jesus Christ is my personal Lord and Savior and all glory goes to HM! My days consist of granddaughters, crafts and lots of photographs! There is ALWAYS a reason to shoot someone!! So, welcome to my little speck in this vast world wide web! May something I say bring back a memory in your own life, create a smile or just make you laugh out loud!! Thanks for visiting and Enjoy! Much Love!! Bri~

quirky things about me

* My favorite all time books of all time are Little Women, Little House on the Prairie, The Girl who Owned a City, Morris the Moose, The Listening Walk and Dear God, It's me Margaret.  Okay....no, I didn't list any "adult reads" these are the books that made me love reading when I was young.  Oh and Stuart Little!!  
* I could stay in Michael's, JoAnn's, or Hobby Lobby for days on end creating.  My secret job is to create new ideas for their "To Do" project sheets!  
* I'm crazy about covered bridges and old barns.  Fascinated beyond belief.  Have no idea how or why...but I am.  Most often I can tell you what type of construction, the wood cut and most likely why that type was built.  
* My favorite thing to wear would be a hoodie.  A size larger than I need.  Love them!  
* I love vintage but my home would most likely be decorated in retro if I ever did an overhaul!  
* If I could create a dress shoe that feels and looks like a running/tennis shoe....I'd be rich!
* When faced with a No Trespassing sign...it usually means I'm trespassing with my camera.  Breaking the law is not in my nature but these places usually hold magical images inside my lens!
* I have seriously considered investing in a motor-home, traveling the country for a year or two.  Taking only my camera, some craft supplies, scrapbooking items and a friend.  We'd live off PB & J or Bologna sandwiches!  
* Pepsi is seriously an addiction for me...I'll pass up a coke in a heartbeat!  yeckkkk...
* I believe I will be given the voice of an angel when I arrive in heaven.  Soft spoken, in tune and people will want to listen to me sing! : )  until then....I'll continue to sound like a bullfrog.  
* I never took algebra in school, it wasn't required, had to be tutored in drug calculation while in Nursing!  Whew....I passed with honors!!  
* While I want my granddaughters to be girly, girly...I'm not really.  I could be but oversized hoodies are not typically made of lace.  I'd like to be the "Meme" who dresses up everyday  buy it's never gonna happen on a daily basis.  
* I love to color!  I prefer colored pencils and watercolour pencils.  It's a way to relax!
* I've taken over 5000 photographs of dandelions!  I'm amazed at their little "puff ball" and how very delicate they are.  They kind of explain my view on life:  We are all on this "round earth" together, flying off in our own direction, landing where we are to be planted and creating more of "us" over time.  We are dreamy, full of wishes, romantics at heart and want to make all right in the world with the breath inside us....if only for a moment.  We were all created by God, from the earth we came, from the earth will return but....we will "float" on up to heaven after His return!  
* If I won the lottery....the powerball...whatever...I'd be broke shortly thereafter because I LOVE TO SHOP FOR OTHERS!  I'd hire someone to dress and shop for me!  I'd give away money to whoever needed it.  (Good thing my family is all in the math field, auditors, CPA's, bankers, etc...)  lol   but true!!
* I cannot stand to be hot.  My thermostat stays at 64* year round.  I also supply sweaters, blankets, long-johns to all who enter!
* If I see a water puddle....yep...I'm splashing in it....after all, it's only water!!  Life is short!
* I have a serious problem with seeing "Both sides to any story"  it's so hard for me to side with someone.  It makes for great problem solving but causes heartache too.  Yet...loved being on The Debate Team!  I can argue anything but avoid it at ALL cost!  I will turn and run from controversy...it literally makes me sick at my stomach to hear arguing or loud voices disagreeing!  
* Homemade snowcream ... I will make bowl after bowl when we're lucky enough to get over an inch!  Love the stuff!!
* Sunsets, baby birds, a deer crossing the road or the wind blowing the trees will make me stop and stare with teary eyes.  (it's the artificial tear ducts!!)  oh....and just the first three or four cords of Amazing Grace, The Pledge of Alligence or any Patriotic song will get the tears free-flowing on their own!!

* I think I would have LOVED the years of riding in horse drawn buggies, frontier life and

yep, I would have befriended the Indians or anyone else!!  I am such a rebel in my own way.   The 30's -60's would have been a neat era too, although I would have never had a slave but would have certainly have had them as friends and not behind closed doors. 
*I realize by my own beliefs it makes me a rebel of sorts.  I don't mean to go against the majority but I do tend to realize that I was born who I was, could have been born black, Indian, Spanish....anything....so why hate the way a person was created? We were all created equal and I will not go along with others to make others accept me.  It is not my place to judge anyone, for anything at anytime.  
*I believe sin is sin.  There is no degree.  I do believe there are different punishments by man for sins committed and there should be.  I also believe everyone can be forgiven.  I personally will not carry around with me, in my heart, hate for anyone.  I actually HaTe the word HATE!  
* I believe in a God that Love's us ALL!  He created each of us.  
* I hope I get better and more faithful at this blogging!  
* P.S.  I'm a BIG FORD TRUCK girl yet, LOVE a Corvette.  They can't help it that Henry wasn't thinking sexy, slick automobile....but I'd choose a FORD TRUCK or a CORVETTE anyday as my daily ride   

Dandelion Wishes

for when i die please dont cry
and lay me on beds of roses
as i lay to rest blow dandelion wishes 
and share our little fish kisses

a barbecue full of "pork" and "beans"
tales of love and of laughter
dancing with the one you love
and doing the cupid shuffle

i'll miss you more than you'll ever miss me
for the milestones I wont attend
but what matters most is you know right now
we live eternal in the "end"  

now giggle you may
or snarle you might
but my wishes are my own
simple, fun, quick and loud
it's my turn...
to take my bow

life hasn't been easy 
but it's sure been full of joy and funny
you see I lived for life,,, happiness,,
not for the money..thats how I found HIS WAY

I tired to do the best i could
mistakes I've made so many
forgive me kids, I learned as we grew
and there is nothing, nothing, 
I would change in the three of you!

so close your eyes and blow real hard
and make your dandelion wish
and as you do those little umbrellas will
be sent to me as a kiss

oh when i die  please try to smile 
and know i've found my peace
my lord,  my love,  my place eternal
my rainbows, my weeds, my most favorite things 
will become my resting place.  The things I saw in the beauty 
of HIS world are the things He's promised me, 
so when I go, now matter how
this is HIS GIFT to me!

just keep it going and make those wishes 
by collecting dandelions
for I'm a clover...i'm just a weed
but HE chose to water and now pluck me!  
by me, bridgitte

Okay...please, don't think I'm morbid or whatever.  I cherish a poem our step-mom just happened to write days before she and my brother were killed by a drunk driver.  It's always given me an inner peace.  This is just something I need to say in my own way.  There's plenty more in my journals.  

sitting quietly
surrounded by rock, ice and snow
thoughts of you
keep me
~  for my larry.  i will always love you and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the memories you've allowed me to have with our kids!  

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