Thursday, March 29, 2012

The King is Coming!

Thanks to Kevin Whitehead for sharing this link.  
It's a beautiful blast from the past!!

Bill Cox was one of many that put the love of worship through music in me at a young age!  
How I soooo looked forward to hearing him sing this song!!  It use to send chills through me and in fact, still does!! 

When Christs returns there will be so many familiar faces I will recognize in the choir of heaven! 

What a glorious day that will be! 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Secret is Out!

When I had kids I always tried a bite of whatever it is they were eating.  Is that weird?  I've had people shake their heads in disbelief that I do that but I can't imagine not trying it. Well...since my youngest is 24 the baby industry has changed significantly  There are so many new "snacks" and "treats"  for the kiddos and I've recently become addicted to these mini fruit snacks by Gerber.  They are 100% freeze-dried with nothing added and they are delicious!  I find myself putting them in yogurt, sherbert, eating them plain and quite honestly not wanting to share any of them!!  LOL 
I've enjoyed others made by Sunkist and Mariana but they have preservatives.  They also are packed into much, much larger pieces (well the pineapples are) and theses little creations are so much easier to enjoy and put into about anything!  

anyway...these little cubes are delightful!  Even the Wal-mart brand is great!  My now grown children laugh at me and find it amusing that Mom buys baby snacks for herself. I told them that it's the whole life cycle thing, we start out as infants and revert backwards as we grow older...hahaha!!  

Note to Gerber:  Please make these in larger more economical bags!!  :)     

so...that's my secret and it's out...

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Do a barrel roll

Okay, I'm sure this has been out for a while and I'm just behind the times but in case you live  in your own little world and don't get out much...maybe this is new to you.  

It's Google official,  not spam, I swear or I would never have tried it.  (I check for anything I find questionable) 

1. Go to
2. Type in   Do a barrel roll
3.  Did you do a double take and laugh?

I know, I need a life... : )


Saturday, March 24, 2012


 1980's these pictures bring back so many memories!!  TRBC (officially known as Two Rivers Baptist Church in Nashville, TN) has recently gone through some difficult times and it's sad to see this as this is the church I will forever have warm memories of as a child and especially a teen! This trying time will pass and He will prevail again in that newly named Fellowship at Two Rivers.

Recently someone created a group on Facebook called "The 1980's Youth Group"  and are planning a reunion on June 3rd of this year.  I'm so excited about this!!  Just reading some of the posts' that have been placed on Facebook have brought back a rush of memories on so many of the trips we took while in school.  

I honestly think my first trip was 4th or 5th grade to Pigeon Forge, Tn for the GA/Acteens yearly meeting.  We worked on badges, listened to missionaries, crafts and learned songs from all across the world.  As I became an Acteens in my teens we would go to camp away from home at Camp Linden, Camp Carson  both in TN for a full week.  What great times!! I even enjoyed the time my stepmom went as a counselor!!  Our tour thru Christus Gardens in Gatlinburg was special sharing it with her.

One thing I can specifically remember is my parents giving me spending money and having to make it last.  I can recall how "old" I felt for being responsible for my money!  Too funny!!  We would choose a craft and work on it the entire week or make several smaller ones.  What I would give to have the tray I made my stepmom and pass it down to my daughter now!  It was gray/turned up edges and we had to use this tool to etch a design into it.  I was so proud of that project and recall how I didn't want to spend any extra money at the canteen so that I could afford it first thing that Monday when my craft time came!  

I recall the musty smell of the cabins.  The howl of the coyotes late at night.  The spiders and how we would all squeal at the top of our lungs!  Waking to a trumpet and exercises at the flag pole!  Singing kum-by-ya, This Little Light of Mine, Father Abraham, Banner over me is Love,  (For the life of me there was another song we sang and it just slipped my mind)    Lighting candles on our last night and setting them afloat in the river and watching them until they were out of sight.  Such wonderful girl time and learning about God, Missionaries and countries without the freedom to worship.

THEN:   then we became "real teenagers" and the real fun (or should I say trouble) started.  haha!!  We went to St. Simons Island, GA for a missions trip.  The bamboo garden was amazing.  The beach smelled like sulfur the entire week and the water from the hotel sink stained everything!  John Shillington and Jim Knott (music direction and youth minister) caught climbing over the fence to play tennis one morning...we rolled the bus that night.  Talent contest.  The 14 hour bus trip that was before seat belt laws!  Amazing we all survived!!   There was the trip to Disney World in Orlando, Mission trip to Atlanta.  A trip to Chicago.  I'll never forget the trip to Lookout Mountain, Chattanooga, TN.~  that's where I got saved!  We had payphones back in those days and we were prohibited from using them.  Yet, after I made my personal decision to ask Jesus into my heart and become a Christian and we had counseling I remember Jim Knott knocking on our door and asking me to come out into the hall.  He took all of us that had made a decision to a room and gave us the opportunity to call home.  I remember telling my Daddy first.  It's funny because it wasn't like him to ever pick up the phone.  He said, "Oh honey, I'm so proud of you!"  We chatted for just a moment more and he placed my step-mom on the phone.  I was so excited to tell her.  She was the true spiritual leader in our home during those days and I remember her just crying and shouting Hallelujah!!  I laughed and she said something like, "Imagine what the angels in Heaven are doing!"   I've always remembered their comments and the emotion in their voices.  

FINALLY:  there was the year of the Living Christmas tree when the boys literally "fell" through the ceiling during the live performance.  Whew....glad I wasn't a part of that one!! lol !!  They did a good bit of damage to the sanctuary ceiling that was/is 30+ feet high!  One of them broke his arm....  
I did however participate in lots of "rolling" of church leaders homes and playing tricks during services.  There were countless choir performances and skit.  Crazy rehearsals.  Lock-in's that consisted of staying up all night, ice cream at 3am, dodge ball tournaments, contest of walking in refrigerator boxes with masks on, ping pong and pool tournaments and sleeping bags everywhere!

I'm excited about meeting up with some great friends that I've lost contact with over the years.  Friends that were true treasures during those growing up years.  So many times I will have a memory resurface and I'm able to bore my kids with my stories~lol  now I'll get to share those memories with the ones that help create the events!

Looking forward to June 3rd!  

Sunday, March 18, 2012

St. Patrick's Day I'm not 100% Irish.  I'm a mixed breed of German, Cherokee and a wee bit of Irish.  
This morning found me sleeping in late instead of the planned green eggs and ham breakfast I had planned.  Bret left with the rising of the sun to golf. Mom wasn't invited on this outing which was great as I am sleep deprived lately!  Not by choice, or work mind you...due to insomnia!  urggg.  Anyhoo-it was nice to see my daughter Stephanie posted her Irish breakfast and is carrying on a family tradition!  lol  I in the mean time found this adorable tee online and ordered it as I love anything to do with the word "wish".  It's a whole dandelion~full circle~obsession with me, really!    It's my contribution to celebrating St. Patrick's Day and more importantly knowing that today is the big day that my nephew Connor, puts his Eagle Scout project into full swing!   

 I sooooooo wish I was there to help him as they gleen the celery fields in South Florida today. I am so very proud of him and will anxiously await his update!!  

Now...staying with the ongoing theme of storms~  This is one I took as Jersey and I took refuge from the lightning.  Sorry, I just cant stand there like these people when it's bolting downward towards the ground and there is water all around me!!   

Below are pictures from yesterdays beautiful rainbow that God left in the sky.  It was stunning and my pictures just do not do it justice.  The orange glow was amazing!!!  

Isn't it just amazing the beauty God puts in our life.  Even in the midst of a storm.  
God is an artist along with so many other titles and I personally cannot wait to see his studio the day I arrive in Heaven!  :)    

We later enjoyed a great steak while watching Vanderbilt lose it's winning streak.  :(  It was a very disappointing last 1.9 seconds for me!  YET...I celebrate their victory of the SEC Tournament!! 
 They are still number one for me when it comes to college basketball!  
The drive home had us mesmerized by the electrical light show in the sky. Lightning from one end of the car windshield to the other.  Quite impressive!  The kids dropped me off and my day ended with power interruptions from the storms that refused to move south. Thank GOODNESS I have this laptop to keep me company in the dark!  

Thank You Lord Jesus for a beautiful, safe and healthy day today.  

  my prayer may not be Irish but it's honest! Oh and God, please wrap your arms around Lula and her family tonight extra tight. You welcomed her brother Charles home late last night and also for Meleah and Rick as they lost their beloved Max earlier in the week.  Thank you Lord for your Mercy and Grace.  I don't fully grasp why we have to endure the pain of life/death but I do know it makes me more accountable for each moment you give me! May I be a blessing of hope to others and a glimmer of light to someones darkest day by living in you and by your promise.  Amen

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A different glimpse of a TORNADO!

So...if you know me then you know I have a real fear or Tornadoes.  The fact is any kind of storm warning usually finds me anxious, getting the storm closet ready with purse, flashlight, candles, pillows and blankets.  I can seriously become so OCD in a matter of moments it's crazy.  I know that God knows the day/hour I will we welcomed home...I also know that HE gives us the wisdom to listen to warnings and take coverage!!!
The past few years the south has really had an increase in tornadoes during the early part of the year when it should normally be snowing or having ice storms.  I think I need to plan my Florida time during these months in the future!!!  Instead of my annual arrival in West Palm Beach during the Spring/Summer I think it's time I change it up and be there during the Winter/Spring seasons!!!

Anyway, I have a very close friend overseas that has only heard of tornadoes.  Where she lives is not known for such weather.  So, Sonja I've posted this video especially for you.  It's amazing how this camera caught these different views!  The really crazy thing is all too often this is all someone sees.  They may never actually see the "Funnel" because it's already on the ground and as you'll see here it just looks like some hail, wind, lightening and destruction. It's not until afterwards that you realize it was actually a funnel cloud/tornado. 
(P.S. around 6 minutes the video stops and continues to 10 minutes showing nothing but a bright light.)

Here's another view for those of you that don't have such weather.  This was not the same tornado it's an actual funnel called a "stovepipe".  

Fortunately these people were not injured.  I posted this one to show the power of these and how long one can stay on the ground.

Enjoy the beautiful, sunny, rare~ this time of year 85* day today!  It's a big change from just a couple of days ago!!  

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Basketball Vandy style

Commodores, Chicken-clothes and Winning!

I love basketball.  It's the one sport I could never play well that I tried so hard TOO play!  I blame it on being short. lol  It seriously has always amazed me to watch the players make the baskets with such ease.  Geesh...give me the ball and I can make a foul shot or a granny-shot if I'm lucky!  To watch a 3 pointer gently leave the tips of a players it glide through the air with only a push of momentum holding it in flight,  it finds its way to the hoop and WHOOSH...there it is.  ahhhh...if only!

Watching the games at Vanderbilt are so full of energy!  Gotta love the spirit of the SEC!  As I sit here they are playing live in New Orleans against Georgia.

This brings me to my point....

 It's funny as I sit here on a Friday night, alone, with the game playing.  Just a few years back I would have been rushing from game/practice/game between the kids. did I do it?  Really??  Each season, each one of them played that seasons sport.  Baseball/Softball, Football/Cheerleading, Basketball.  I often have reflected back to those crazy, fun years of rushing to leave work to pick them up and head to practice or a game.  How I LOVED and I do mean LOVED those crazy fun days! Dinner was all too often fast-food, a hotdog or hamburger or pizza at the ballfield.  Poor kids!  I know that's why breakfast was always so important to me during the week and especially on the weekends.  You think they remember that all they ate was fast-food?  lol  You think they remember how crazy it would be if we couldn't find the right socks or pair of baseball pants?  I wonder if they remember all the plastic sandwich bags of apples, oranges and veggies?  The countless boxes of wet-wipes we bought and kept in the van?  (Keep in mind we lived in the country so running back to the house was not a option...)  The things we put ourselves and our kids through!!

I remember one mother commenting after a game.  It was pouring down and I made them come out of their uniforms and red-clay muddy shoes at the back of the van and place their wet clothes in a tote.  They always had dry, extra clothes in the van.  This particular mother asked me how I did it.  I can so recall this conversation.  She laughed at how organized I was.  Me??  Organized?  okay, so I was a little crazy about things being a certain way.....but..... My van stayed cleaner then than my truck does now.  How is that???  Funny the things we remember.  I just really wonder what all they remember.  What stories will they pass down to their kids while taking them to ball practice, dance or cheerleading?  

which brings me to:

Stephanie use to crack me up.  The child would NOT wear pants FOREVER!!  It was dresses and leotards for years with one exception.  Her chicken-clothes!  How and when this one adorable,yellow gingham short set became so tattered and labeled her Chicken clothes is still a mystery to me. Well, the name came from feeding the many animals on the farm...but why this specific outfit, who knows.   One thing was certain in our household.  The moment the Misses was picked up from school she would make record time in putting on this outfit, even with her seat-belt on!  I cant imagine how many washing that outfit must have endured!

not the exact dress but very similar! you see how my mind works.  LoL.  Jumping from one thing to the next.  There is usually a common thread.  This one...memories of my kids and our countless Friday night games.  Great memories for Mom here!  I may be alone watching Vanderbilt play this game but my memories are taking me back to games that were much more important that any SEC playoff or Tournament game in years past!  I hope my words were always encouraging and that I saw the great moves and complimented you on them more than trying to constantly coach you.  I hope you know your Mom was your biggest fan! Homeruns, cheers, strike outs, foul-shots, touchdowns and tackles.  I hope you know that spending those days and nights with you guys was high times for me!  I cannot imagine our lives without sports.  It's really true to a point that we live our lives through our kids in some ways.  Thanks kiddos for teaching me that it's not winning or losing but sticking it out and playing our best!  As a family...we certainly won in many, many ways!  

oh....yeehaw!!  Vandy just beat Georgia!!

night all~

Thursday, March 8, 2012


This video has gone viral in the last few days and its creator has a great idea on how to stop Joseph Kony.  A lot of people have stated via facebook/youtube that this problem is not our problem in the United States.  I disagree.  I believe that the United Nations was created to stop horrible people from creating horrible acts like this!  Therefore, as part of the United Nations this country certainly has a role!  Regardless of the UN....we should do all we can to stop this man from hurting, killing and making sex slaves out of these children.  It breaks my heart to think things like this go on in the world...but this is proof it does.  In my opinion he is another Hitler.  I will do my part in my community by obtaining this kit and helping to get this ICC #1 Criminal in the WORLD arrested.   

Other related articles of  Joseph Knoy and his Lords Resistant Army (LRA) 
*The Bizarre and Horrifying Story of the Lord's Resistance Army - The Atlantic
*International Criminal Court
*'Kony 2012' viral video by Invisible Children stirs debate
*Lord's Resistance Army (LRA)

Please feel free to right click on you mouse and save any of these three images to share.  Pass them along to friends and family to get the word out that March is Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month!

This will fit your Facebook Timelines.


 This particular image works great as a cover-photo on the new Facebook Timeline.  I left the bottom left area open where your profile image will be.  If you would like one of these with your name please leave me a comment and I'll gladly create one.  There is of course no charge. This little charm came from Leigh a couple of years ago at Heartfelt  She creates amazing designs!  

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Today found me standing naked from the waist up and having a camera photograph  my breast! read that right!  My Girls.  My "Other" Girls as I often refer to them.  This is hopefully step one in  having a much needed and wanted Breast Reduction.  

I just assumed all these years that my insurance company would consider this Cosmetic Surgery.  There is also a part of me that felt like I shouldn't alter what God gave me.  Yet, in the past few months I've been told repeatedly that having this surgery should greatly improve the strain on my back plus rid me of the cyst in my right breast.   For's been a dream in the back of my mind.  Not often spoken out-loud unless jokingly. I would never want plastic surgery to "improve" or "change" the way I look.  I'm okay with myself. Besides, you can't improve on perfection!! hahaha  However,I'm ready to have this girls reduced!  I was ready for him to say, "We can schedule you tomorrow morning"!  It's amazing this feeling of gratitude I'm having towards this!  It's overwhelming me!!

I became emotional as the surgeon and I discussed their size, my height, the incisions, the healing process, the details of how he would cut here and here then move this here....I didn't expect to have an outpouring of tears but they showed up and fell freely all over "The Girls" and the surgeons hands!  : o    He said he hadn't had anyone get so emotional in a long time....silly me!  I tell you I think the tear ducts they placed in my eyes are working overtime!!  

Step two is waiting 30-40 days for the insurance company to send approval to myself and to Dr. Wendel.  Once we have written approval the surgery will be scheduled.  Surgery is hopefully same-day, a week to 14 days of recuperating and no lifting.  Then...a new figure with less back pain!  Whoohoo! I sit in my pj's and wonder what it'll be like to have a smaller girls and less backpain...  
hummmm....  : )

Jersey is ONE !

There are no words to express how much fun I had planning this party with Stephanie for Miss Jersey!  
It was a smashing success! 
 Following are just a few photos from her big day and a few of our ideas we took  from Pinterest!

 Jerseys first taste of anything sweet.  She loved Memes Strawberry Marshmallows!  
 Jerseys "Forever Candle Musicbox"  the candle actually blows out.

 Mommy suggest she touches the cake and her expression shows how she feels about her hands getting dirty!  

 Daddy decided to pitch in and show her how to do it!    

 I love this!  It's so Jersey!  Deep in thought and studying what's in front of her.  
She gets so serious!
This is her "will you please get this off of me look!"  

Now..Group picture...or!  
Trying to get them all together was a task! and I'm only posting a few of the attempts!   
Pay attention to Carson in the middle...He's stiff as a board!  
 one backwards, one being "cheesy", we're getting closer....
 Lost Carsons face when Jaxon took off behind Zoey.  Poor Payton (left of Carson looks so unhappy...)
 Major malfunction!  Zoey upset, Riley and Jersey to her rescue.  Lost Bella's focus....
Memes final attempt.  Whew...They were as difficult as the adults at Christmas and the Family Reunion!  lol

Opening Gifts:
 Jerseys first gift was 2 penguins from Don and Marichen.  
Uh oh...she loves penguins!  
 She kept turning around checking on her two new buddies!  It was so cute!  

 Yee-haw!  Riding on the caterpillar!  

 A new teaching puppy!  Yea!   She loves her first one!
 uh oh...just as she went to open it she hit her lip on the corner..   : (
 Her own kitchen with an apron like Mommys!  I see cupcake batter in the future here!

 Enjoying some time with Pop and Uncle Larry.  She's so tired and such a trooper!  

A few of our Pinterest creations:
 Strawberry flavored popcorn...yumm!
find the recipe at  
 Cupcakes to Go.  Okay,,,they're called Cupcakes in a jar, we called them Cupcakes to go because we knew early on some of the kids attending wouldn't be able to stay so we could send them home with one of these little babies!  They were very good!  
 My take on Mother-Jetts (my grandmother) Pink Salad.  A great family recipe that I slaughtered years ago...however my kids loved it so I make it both ways now!  lol
White Chocolate dipped Oreo and Pink Sugar Wafers
 Strawberry Marshmallows dipped in Milk Chocolate and rolled in sprinkles!  Jerseys loved hers!

 Coconut Puffs on Chocolate wafers and Pink Stripped Pretzels with White Chocolate

 mini cupcakes for the wee ones!  
 Jerseys "Crooked Cake" with gumballs
 Foam Banner made to fit in the cameras viewfinder!  We didn't like the great big long ones.

One Special Birthday Girl.  
One Special Day! 
Thank you Stephanie and Jamie for allowing MeMe to have so much fun creating!  
I love you all! plan Zoeys first party....ELEPHANTS ARE GONNA INVADE SMYRNA!  

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