Monday, October 24, 2011

♫♫ Follow me to Tennessee... ♫♫
who remembers that song? 

I love this time of year and wanted to share some of the photographs I've taken the past few days around my home.  
Who knew that a foggy morning at 10am would turn out to be as beautiful as a pretty as it was?  The fog was literally sitting all around us!


 Over 300 hot rods and classic cars showed up for the 3rd Annual Trunk or Treat!
It was such a beautiful night for the kids.  Just enough of a chill that hot chocolate was at the top of the menu!  

How about this for a Pumpkin?

Her daddy has quite an imagination! Way to go Jamie, these are too fun!

What an amazing and beautiful week & weekend!
  Lets see, Miss Jersey cut her second tooth and she's now "clapping".  This is a big deal for MeMe as we've been learning this word since she was 3 months.  It's one of many on her video and flash cards. Funny thing is her mommy sat her on the potty and when she finished her business I did my normal jumping, clapping and silly MeMe praising.  She immediately began trying to clap and she kept missing her was just too cute!  Well, later in the week I was actually able to capture her at Jaylen's birthday party while Jamie held her.  She was clapping, wiggling (dancing) and acting so silly!  It's awesome to get to spend so much time with her and teach her one on one. 
 Oh how I'd love to homeschool all my grandbabies!

Jersey is like this 24/7
happy, singing, full of joy
I tell her she's filled with the Holy Spirit!
(these are taken at Jaylen's b'day swimming party at Sports Com)

The weekend was full of parties and festivities!
Bret took me birthday shopping for a phone cover for this fancy gadget and some additional items as well! This Nexus S4G is nice!  
It's no wonder why people never put them down! After some time in the mall we met up with the kids for dinner.  Jamie's dad and stepmom are in town from West Virginia and I wanted to spend some time with them. I hadn't seen them since our cruise.  So Chicago pizza, beer and chatting!! Yumm!

Saturday morning was mammogram time.  Time to check on my girls! :)  
Friends, get your girls checked! 
 My appointment took maybe 20 mins. total! 
It's painless and it's treatable when detected early!!

I finished in time to make it to the Pumpkin Patch by noon for Jaxon's party.  Amazing as I look at all these kids with their kids!!  
Stephanie and I created our first major two tier b'day cake for this occasion using fondant.  I'm sorry but fondant, homemade or not, just isn't good to me!  It does help create a prettier cake but personally I prefer my traditional buttercream!  Anyhow, the cake turned out like the picture we were given and we even made him his own Mickey Mouse cake. 

 As a surprise we were able to get a Mickey Mouse costume from R.J. (friend who owns  Jaxon loves Mickey on TV but forget him in person!
 To top it off, with the sun glaring on Mickey, Riley was able to see inside his costume and shouted out to everyone, "Awwww, it's Uncle David in there!"  
Of course the adults got a kick out of that and we just stole Riley's childhood as she learned that all the characters are just people on the inside!  lol!  :(  

The party finished up and we continued on to ride the tractor around the farm, visit the corn maze, string maze, huge pumpkin fields, petting farm, listen to live music and get the girls faces painted.  


Saturday evening Jaylen and I decided to go take pictures at the Sam Davis home in Smyrna and just have some girl time without the little ones.  When we got arrived the first thing she noticed was the "snow".  I explained that the snow field was actually cotton and we had a lengthy discussion on how cotton was harvested which led to chatting about the Civil War and slavery.  Jaylen is so inquisitive!  We made our way over the the cotton field and she was able to pick a few pieces.
 and was so excited to do some research when we returned home.  
The farm is so rich in history and the welcome of fall is all around!  

After a long day of playing and exploring we made our way to wal-E-world and gathered the ingredients to make her birthday cake for her party on Sunday evening! 
 I told you this weekend was full of parties!  
We baked and baked till 11pm.  6 cakes in all to create the horse head she wanted.  This was going to be her creation with MeMe's help.  We were able to get the first crumb coat on and mananged to fall into bed after 1!
 I don't know about Jay-bugg but MeMe was pooped!

Jaylen did an excellent job with her cake! 

Her party was a huge success!
Due to other children being in her pictures I will not be posting some party pics. 
Jaylen had a blast with her family and friends!

 Little sister Zoey
 Happy 9th Bugg!
 Her Dad having fun too!
 Dad and sister Riley! and more gifts!
Dad climbing the rock wall!
Sister Riley 
Playing with Dad
 Dad and Riley
  Jaylen and Riley


Those beautiful baby blues!  
I claim bragging rights for all four granddaughters having the most beautiful blue eyes!  Yes, they got those from me!
  Seriously, they all 4 have the most amazing, bluest of blue eyes I've seen! 

Jaylen 8

Riley 2

Jersey 4 months

Zoey 3 months

Monday, October 17, 2011

It's all about ME!!! 
okay, it's only because I'm older today!  :o
First of all I have to say that I was OVERWHELMED at the massive amount of birthday wishes I received on Facebook! Wow! 
My Stephanie is sick today and actually called out of work for the first time ever!  I picked up Jersey and met up with Larry and his family for some fun at the Smyrna Skate Center.  Watching Jaylen and Riley skating, along with Larry and Julie was compelling!  I can ice skate...but when it comes to rollerskating, well, lets just say it's not my favorite activity.  Seems I stay on the floor sprawled out more than I skate!!  I've never understood how one can ice skate and yet, not roller skate.  Maybe it's just me.  lol

We spent a few hours together and then Jersey and I set out to order my new Brothers 9000 Sewing/Quilting machine.  It just so happened when we arrived that they were actually placing a markdown ticket on one.  From 399.99 to 89.00.  Yes...89.00. 
 Now I'm all about a bargain but somewhat skeptical as that's a pretty good difference!  The woman was so incredibly kind and answered so many questions I had!   Seems that this particular model had been hit when being unloaded and it barely broke the box yet it was hard enough to crack the outer carrying case.  Well, we inspected every piece and I am the proud new owner of the
 Brothers 9500 Sewing / Quilting Machine (as seen on Project Runway) and saved over 300.00.  Minus one!
I have researched these for over three months and I couldn't be happier!  
Yipppeeeee!!  THANK YOU JESUS!! 
so...yep, today it's all about me!   

 Larry (son) and Riley

 Riley is 2 and skates GOOD!

 Julie (daughter in law) with Riley, Jaylen to right in pink

Jersey chatting it up with her newest cousin Zoey!

my much anticipated machine! !

So...I'm off to SEW!

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