Tuesday, July 19, 2011

   What an amazing weekend I had with the kiddos!  Saturday morning started with Larry and Julie picking me up and hitting some, "ard sales"  as Riley would say!  I use to love hosting yard sales but never been as big a picker as Larry and Julie!   We did make a few good finds and I even bought a piece of wall/carpet art!  LOL  Bret called it my "blast from the past" bargain!   I'll have to post a picture.   Personally...I like it!  : )  

As the day went on we all visited Granny Seiber.  (Big Larrys mom)   I cannot imagine outliving 5 of my children and my husband!!    That woman is amazing!!   Our visit was sweet and as we ended it with pictures with the great grandbabies a brilliant, shimmering light would rest upon Stephanie and NOT go away!  Usually...I mark this up to "camera error"  or "jewelry" but this was sheer, shimmering rays from Heaven.  I personally believe Big Larry was shinning down on his children and his mother today from the riverbanks of Heaven!

We spent the entire day together and finished the evening with some pot roast and veggies at the house with Bret.  All of us gathered around the tv and both couches loaded down with bodies...

  Just as Riley had dozed off to sleep she woke suddenly and began talking about the "Angel at the door."  The coversation went something like this:  
Riley, "See d angel?"
Larry, "Where is the angel?"
Riley, "Right there Daddy...coming in the door"
Larry, "What is she wearing?"
Riley, "It's a man angel Daddy"
Larry, "What does he have on?"
Riley, "White, ughhhh, dont you see the angel?"

Well....this went on for about 2 minutes as we all were asking her questions.  She was so adamant about that "Man angel"  and then just as quickly as she woke, she was back to sleep.  

I'm sharing this because my entire life I have been surrounded by what I will always believe to be as angels.  I  finally came to terms with this after losing Pam and Blake and later, when we lost Big Larry.   What a warm feeling it is to have these encounters!  I must say to think that my home has a "Man Angel" is inviting!  Reminds me of one of my all time favorite songs from the movie, City of Angels.  The Alanis Morrisette song, Uninvited.  Well...any angel is welcome anytime!!  

Tell me...do you see the "ray of light"?  Our "man angel"!!

Sunday stated off with me celebrating chuch via television.  Still having truck problems!!  Actually, Shelby came on Saturday afternoon while we were all at the house and worked on my truck but my tags are not current and I am not comfortable driving it until this is resolved!  No ticket for me unless I'm a speed demon! haha!!

Sunday afternoon we all ventured together to "Gillsville" just outside of Smyrna to cookout and have some fishing time!  Again...all three kids and the granddaughters.  Jaylen was missing but she was certainly a great deal of our topic as we chatted about our recent trip to West Palm Beach.   I absolutely had the best time in the world with her and my prayer is that we bonded in a closer way than ever.  She is sooo precious to me.  
By the way, Bret caught the smallest catfish we've ever seen!!

This weekend was a simple blessing full of my kids!  

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