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We all love a great deal or better yet, even a FREEBIE, right?

I had to add this new blog!  I'm a lover of ideas, creating and especially anything to do with photos.  So I submitted a few of my own ideas and in the meantime did a little early holiday/birthday ordering!  Head on over to Pinhole Press and have fun!

Well, the gals at have really got their act together!  Over the past few months with my FREE membership I have received some great full-size freebies in the mail as-well-as some important information and helpfull hints about various subjects!  Head on over, sign up and enjoy!  This is by far my most favorite blog I've personally ran across!  This couple has a slew of things to view and wonderful posts!  I absolutely love all their knowledge on Canon cameras as that's what I use!  Love this one!!

A few other great sites I frequent: what a blog!  These gals really have it together. One stop shopping and you'll be on here for hours!  Coupons, Freebies, DIY crafts and Couponing 101 for the beginners! new additons are added everyday! this is an AMAZING website for the ladies only!  You have your own page, connect with groups of women from new Moms,  Moms with MS, Moms of Military, Digital Moms, Moms with special needs children, there's a group for everything!  This is one of my faves!  She is on top of her stuff and updates daily!!

The Dating Divas Love this blog!  Great! These gals have come up with GREAT ideas to strengthen your date at a time!  They also have Crafting tutorials and Family Fun Projects! (okay so I'm not married but I can use their ideas for Mr. Right if and when he comes along! )

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