Saturday, July 27, 2013

OH PLEASE......if anyone knows how I can delete these posts that are showing up on my blog....PLEASE tell me!  When I click on the link that says Unsubscribe it takes me to the site but nothing I do is deleting these.  Even contacting them has not helped.  
I AM SOO embarassed at some of these titles!  I DO NOT watch this garbage!  In fact I have demanded that our cable NOT make us pay extra to have "ADULT TITLES" blocked...but...until it is included in my  $$fees I will pay the 4.00 extra a month.  I just don't think children should see these titles as previously stated.  Let them be children....dang....they have to grow up too fast already!  

anyway, my deepest apologies and again, if anyone can tell me how to delete these...please email me at  ASAP!  

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