Monday, October 17, 2011

It's all about ME!!! 
okay, it's only because I'm older today!  :o
First of all I have to say that I was OVERWHELMED at the massive amount of birthday wishes I received on Facebook! Wow! 
My Stephanie is sick today and actually called out of work for the first time ever!  I picked up Jersey and met up with Larry and his family for some fun at the Smyrna Skate Center.  Watching Jaylen and Riley skating, along with Larry and Julie was compelling!  I can ice skate...but when it comes to rollerskating, well, lets just say it's not my favorite activity.  Seems I stay on the floor sprawled out more than I skate!!  I've never understood how one can ice skate and yet, not roller skate.  Maybe it's just me.  lol

We spent a few hours together and then Jersey and I set out to order my new Brothers 9000 Sewing/Quilting machine.  It just so happened when we arrived that they were actually placing a markdown ticket on one.  From 399.99 to 89.00.  Yes...89.00. 
 Now I'm all about a bargain but somewhat skeptical as that's a pretty good difference!  The woman was so incredibly kind and answered so many questions I had!   Seems that this particular model had been hit when being unloaded and it barely broke the box yet it was hard enough to crack the outer carrying case.  Well, we inspected every piece and I am the proud new owner of the
 Brothers 9500 Sewing / Quilting Machine (as seen on Project Runway) and saved over 300.00.  Minus one!
I have researched these for over three months and I couldn't be happier!  
Yipppeeeee!!  THANK YOU JESUS!! 
so...yep, today it's all about me!   

 Larry (son) and Riley

 Riley is 2 and skates GOOD!

 Julie (daughter in law) with Riley, Jaylen to right in pink

Jersey chatting it up with her newest cousin Zoey!

my much anticipated machine! !

So...I'm off to SEW!

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