Sunday, May 1, 2011

Geesh, it 7:30 am and I'm meeting my new physician that took Dr. Shutes position.  His name is Jay.  Very nice, very lengthy and asking me questions!  New approach!  lol  Seriously, I felt very comfortable with him.  We're still waiting patiently for insurance to pull the magic rabbit out of their hat and tell me I'm approved for surgery........((tapping pencil on desk))   He's concerned my blood pressure is high.  It normally runs around 100/60 but again today it's elevated.  148/106.  We discuss this for several minutes and we see a trend with my pain elevation and BP elevation running parallel.  I promise to go visit my Primary Care Physician and I'm fortunate that they get me right in. 

 Dr. Swauncy is an excellent, stern yet comical physician.  He scolds me as it's been one year as of April 16th since my last visit.  Huh, I see that as a GOOD thing!  My BP is now 158/112.  ughhhhh.   I'm calm, actually other than this darned ole pain I feel great.  Well, now, I have had a headache for 2 days which I never get headaches but I contribute this to my not having slept in 3 days due to all these storms.  When I explain to him that I have an irrational fear of these tornadoes he raises his hand and is right on board with me as he's not originally from the Nashville area or any area that has tornadoes.

~~~Back to the headaches~~~
   My ears are on fire but they dont hurt, he insist on an EKG.  Well one abnormal EKG, 7 vials of blood and an hour later and the BP is only a point different.  Hello Zestril 20 mg q day.  Really...with the amount of medications I take this just became my dessert!  gee-wilikers!!!  He says we'll give it a try for a week, wait on the blood-work and repeat the EKG before we make any further decisions & he'll call the neurologist.  We discuss my weight and the fact that I am no longer able to walk my 3-4 miles even on a treadmill when to my surprise he tells me I've only gained 3 lbs in the past year.  3 lbs?   REALLY!  I would have sworn it was more.  You see, I DO NOT get on scales.  I did at Debbie's and one time with Steph but I learned years ago when I dropped 30 lbs and got down to 126 that weighing drove me nuts!!  So now, I can usually tell especially when we start my "MEGA-DOSE" of steroids.....shoot, my pictures tell it then!  lol   My poor face and upper chest (yes ~ my boobs) hold fluid so badly!!  I'm far from being a vain person but I do care when I start putting on weight.  I'm fine being 150-160 and a size 10-12.  Its when I have to go into my 14's I get irritated.  Besides, being a size 6 or 8 with these girls in the front~no thanks.  I'm not after the Pamela Anderson look. did we get here??  lol

So with my  Spyghmomanometer (remind me to tell you that story)  I have been taking my BP for two days and it's running an average 140ish/100 still.  joy.  the h/a is still present, I'm nauseated but I otherwise feel good!! Really!  I think having MS & Lupus along with the chronic pain from my accident this little stuff I often overlook.  Shame on me!  Here I am the nurse and it's been 12 years since my last female exam so YES it's on the calendar now.  
Well, thats been my past few days. 
 Keeping Jersey is becoming more of a blessing everyday we have this time to bond as MeMe and grandbaby!  I am in heaven watching her! Last night we took her to the Nashville Sounds baseball game along with Michelles son Devin.  What fun they both had!  Again, as I sat beside Stephanie and she was holding Jersey I had this flashback to the countless, and I do mean countless ballgames we attended here with the kids ~ and now the tradition continues!  
My loves its 2:25 and I need to try to sleep. 
Key word "try"
  huggs and kisses to you!!  

Nashville Sounds Reading Night
Jerseys 1st game
Uncle Jamie & Devin
The fireworks were AMAZING although Devin didn't care for them 
Jerseys eyes were the size of a quarter! She loves LOUD!
NiNi won tickets to Montgomery Gentry Concert!  

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