Wednesday, December 21, 2011

one of those…Moments!

Today I had one of those…Moments.  One of those that happen in a split second but will stay with us forever!  It brought this MeMe to tears!

My 9 month old granddaughter Jersey was standing alone looking at the bright lights of the Christmas tree while shaking her little legs to Sounds of the Season music in the background.  I squatted down to take a break and suddenly the reflection of the lights on the tree where shinning in her big blue eyes.  No camera could have caught this moment more perfectly!  She took that precious hand and pulled me to her and gave me my first big MeMe kiss all by herself! took me back to my daughters first Christmas when she too was 9 months old and enjoyed our tree.  Moments like these make being a stay at home MeMe so powerful and reaffirming.  It's these days she won't remember but Meme will!


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