Thursday, November 17, 2011

Oh Where oh Where have the days gone?
Jersey is now 9 months old.  Oh my goodness...where has the time seriously gone?
I am so glad, no, no, no,  oh whats the word?   THRILLED! Yes thrilled  to have been with her these past 7 months since her Mommy went back to work.  Our days have been filled with flash cards, sign language, reading, videos, Bubble Guppies, Veggie Tales, music of all sorts and squeals of laughter!  What a joy it has been!!
She wants absolutely nothing to do with crawling...she wants to walk! She says "HI" on the phone in the cutest little raspy voice.  She has learned a few sign language signs and is beginning to use them.  She shakes that head from side to side so quickly to tell us "NO" and just today she started nodding, YES!  OMG, I just about fell over and wet my pants I laughed so hard!  I was able to get the video camera out and record for Mom and Dad.  She is something!!  She is Miss Independent already!  From the spoon to self-feeding, she wants to do it all! Today unfortunately was also the first accident! :(  Oh my~ I cried as much as she did!  In her attempting to be so independent she lost her grip and hit the coffee table.  As I picked her up I was expecting the worst.  However with a little cuddling and a cool cloth applied to her she quickly bounced back to her normal self.  I am in control yet freaking out that shes going to have a horrible bruise and wouldn't you know tomorrow is her 9month Dr's appointment!!  ugh!   Well, hours later and she's still not showing signs of a hematoma! (That just sounds more dramatic than bruise! lol)  
She is MeMes daily delight and I'm so honored that I've gotten to bond and share this one on one time with her these last 7 months!  More to come my Jersey~Girl!

She certainly is one cute little cupcake!

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