Thursday, April 7, 2011

60 Hours Later

My Personal Spinal Cord Simulator (SCS) Journey

Pain Threshold from a 1-10******************* 2
Pain Meds taken 2-4 daily********************  1
Soreness form incision1-10******************* 4
Sleep from 1-8 hours************************ 6
Walking pain 1-10***************************3+
Gait & Stability 1-10*************************3
Pain when SCS turned off 1-10**************10+

Today has been a new day in every sense of the word!  OMG...I cannot believe how much relief I am getting from this SCS!  I have been on my feet ALL DAY....did you read that right?  ALL DAY!!  I'm not saying I am pain-free but compared to what I've been living with I feel like a new person!  Tomorrow they remove this thing and I'm afraid I may experience some separation anxiety....(that's a joke!)  Seriously, I've gotten so use to this awkward little piece of technology!!  I know my body has done way, way more than it should have today but it's like when I have a really good MS day ~  you try to get it all done and crash later.  As-soon-as my feet hit the floor I had that slight tinge that tugs at me reminding me that this is just masking something that is going on, but who cares...mask away!!  I couldn't get my shoes on fast enough to go walking........and walking I DID!  I did 4 miles this morning.  Yes, I may pay like ____ for it later but I so miss my walks at the park and then my time afterwards with my Canon.  This is my "back to God" time being in nature and today, while I walked like a mad woman I found myself Thanking God for sending me to this wonderful physician who has taken the time to listen, really listen and hear my concerns.  Although we had to go through a couple of doors (valleys) it was all worth it to be here, on top of this hill winning the war over pain!  I cannot imagine how I will feel when I STAND atop the MOUNTAIN and can shout that I can walk completely pain-free!!  Let me tell you, until you are literally parked, confined, disabled, you cannot and do not understand this.  
My motivation is there but the physical ability is not. 
 It can become very overwhelming, depressing and disheartening. 
which~leads to other medical issues!!   
 Thank you Lord for allowing me to experience this "TRIAL" for without it I will not know VICTORY. 
(I just found comfort in typing that....
get it,
 this "TRIAL" 
I am wearing the "TRIAL"
 just as I am going through this "TRIAL"  

Lord, somehow in words you always, always remind me that all of THIS is MY JOURNEY, MINE!  

shhhh....make a wish, send it with a prayer, right here, right now


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