Wednesday, April 6, 2011

36 Hours after Trial Implant

.......ooohhhh weeeeee.......

My Personal Spinal Cord Stimulator (SCS) Journey

Pain Threshold from a 1-10******************* 2
Pain Meds taken 2-4 daily********************  0
Soreness form incision1-10******************* 7
Sleep from 1-8 hours************************ 6
Walking pain 1-10***************************3
Gait & Stability 1-10*************************5
Pain when SCS turned off 1-10**************10+

NOTES:  After returning home yesterday I was able to rest and also help with baby Jersey.  Stephanie would lift her and hand her to me as bending and lifting is limited in the healing process.
 Today, the incision area doesn't hurt but I'm guessing where the tip of the "lead" is inserted is where I'm feeling a little discomfort.  By "discomfort" I mean, a feeling of a bad bruise that kind of takes your breath every now and then.  (Hope that makes sense)    

I have learned that when I move certain ways the sensations tend to intensify or decrease.  This doesn't hurt it just kind of takes me by surprise and I find myself making "ohh wee"  noises!!  lol  

Now...about the programing on the remote. 
 Amanda with Boston Scientific was amazing yesterday as she spent several minutes with me programming this thing.  She is one patient woman!!  The trial has four programs and yesterday #4 felt wonderful...well, I'm finding that today #4 is a bit intense.  When I would turn over it would really irritate me,,,now having said that,,,they did ask me which side I slept on and it is on that opposite side that I would turn over and it would do this. SO, yes,I'm trying to stay on my right side when I lay back!  

I woke this morning to make Bret some lunch to take to work and that's the first time I felt that
 "OLD PAIN" in my heel & back calling my name.  Normally, I would endure it until it got unbearable and then reach for a pain pill...this time I simply changed the setting on the remote and VOI~LA!!
  Heel pain is presently being put into "Override" by the Spinal Cord Stimulator!!  

One thing I know is that when I sleep for over an hour/hour & half I most always, always wake with my back screaming out in pain.  I've also not slept in over 3 months without sleep/pain med. 
 As for sleeping a full 6-8 hours without pain med it's been well over 10 years.  

I'm having the trial removed on Friday....thinking about skipping that one appt!  : )   

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