Monday, July 23, 2012

How, When, Where do you blog Dear Blogger?

Recently my blogging has been completed in the wee hours of the morning with my son's laptop sitting in my lap, in my bed. That is why it's called a laptop, right?! 
For the life of me sitting in front of my desktop to write just doesn't happen. If I am creating a digital image, art or something on one of the many drawing programs I have then, for some reason, I can sit there for hours! However...The creative juices just do not flow when I am in that computer chair, uncomfortable and I need words. I know...I'm weird!
Last night, for the third night in a row, sleep would not come. Period. I'm not complaining because I do enjoy the writing and updating on my blog when the house is quite and no one is stirring. Yet - on the other hand, if I don't get some sleep I am never, never, never going to get these dark circles under my eyes to brighten up!!
My bedroom, specifically my bed, is my haven. My estuary. I know, I know it's not a body of water but I feel comfortable here. Like the lower end of a river, quite, alone and offering all I need from its surroundings. You don't like that? Okay, let me try something else......Lets's my retreat? No, that sounds like I rush to get there...that's not quite right.   My bed is where I feel most comfortable physically when doing certain tasks like reading, cross-stitching, gaming so it is my sanctum!!! yeah, that's it!! My sanctum. PG Note: If I had a husband I'd call it my sanctuary and I guarantee I wouldn't be writing and sewing..(clearing throat) LOL did I wander off in that direction?? I just know that when my son is out (which is 80% of the time, he is 24) and my granddaughter has left for the day, the rest of the house seems lonely, empty, void. I don't like it. That's when I retreat back to my sanctum and I write.
Just curious...I blog and blog away, however, I don't "publish" all that I blog. Sometimes just typing out what is in my mind is like having a pros and cons list.  I wonder if other Bloggers do this? Do you create articles and just keep it under your posts' list?  I may go a few days without publishing a post but it doesn't mean I've not written one.  Hard to believe I know... but... every article I write isn't always beaming with smiles, dandelions and the scent of honeysuckle! ☺  
So my questions are
  • Where are you when you write? (I know your're at the computer silly)
  • Do you seem to have a certain time of day when you are more creative?
  • Once you begin your writing do you find your thoughts wandering or are you focused? 
  • Is blogging personal or more of a task you feel obligated to complete?
  • Does your day dictate your writing?
  • Are you a self taught blogger or have you attended a conference?  
  • Do you host ads on your site and if so do you you find it to be profitable? 
  • Are you a "bed blogger" like myself? 
  • How did you get followers and does that really matter?  

I'm just being me...curious.   
  okay, okay,  guess I've been nosy enough, I've got a lot more questions but I'll chill as my kids say!   haha!   Time to lay my head down and try to nap for a bit!

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