Tuesday, July 10, 2012


This past week has been unbearable with the heat reaching record highs!  
On these HOT summer days all I can think of is something frozen, something cold and frozen!!

We recently purchased some ice cream and as you can see below from a previous post it was quite a hit with Miss Jersey but it was also a mess! Her mess was created with a mini ice cream cone no taller than 4".  So....with wanting to splurge and get some icy treats I began my debate in front of the freezer at Krogers!   (note:  I never buy treats on a stick because they're just a temptation to me!!)  

Well, well....after comparing several brands and flavors I decided on an in-store special from Popsicle.  I was able to purchase 2 boxes totaling 38 Popsicle's for $4.00.  That's less than .11 cents each!  One box is regular size Popsicle's, 18 count,  in the flavor of Jolly Ranchers Candy.  The second box contains 20 mini, slow melt, fruit flavored Popsicle's.   

Oh my goodness...as much as I loved my first taste of a Popsicle in years and it being fully flavored by Jolly Ranchers I have to brag more about the "Mighty Mini's".  These little babies are the most remarkable, flavor-full Popsicle's I have ever tasted!  While their taste is wonderful I can't decide if my favorite feature is their size or the fact they are "slow melting."  They are about  4" in size and are absolutely perfect for a toddlers tiny hands!  I 'm going to step out and say that ours was "Non-melting" not just "slow-melting" and that was on a record high day here in Tennessee and we were outdoors!!
Non-melting or slow-melting,,either one is a great thing for anyone that has to do the clean up when it comes to the little ones!  

I was without a doubt amazed!  A lot of products carry "promises" on their packages and fail to live up to those words unless you're in a specific environment.  Well, Popsicle, I don't know where or how you tested your "slow melting" promise with your gelatin but it offers 100% of what it promises!  I'm sold!!  

Standing in front of the freezer trying to decide is now a thing of the past when it comes to a frozen, cold, tasty treat on a record breaking hot and humid day!!  Popsicle takes the stick!! 

I didn't receive anything free from Krogers or Popsicle to write this review! 
 This is 100% my opinion and I stick by it!  

Have a great day and go get yourself something cold to beat this heat!       

...stayin' cool, 

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