Monday, September 17, 2012

A Smoky Mountain Wedding

Stacy is my daughter Stephanie's sister-in-law.  Stacy and Steph have been friends for 14 years and this is how Stephanie met her precious hubby Jamie! for a few photos from Matt and Stacy's Smoky Mountain Wedding.
Stacy asked me to capture some photos for them although they had a professional photographer for the actual wedding.  Well...the chapel allowed anyone to take photos during the ceremony and just as Jersey was to make her entrance as one of the three flower girls...she had a slight melt down and Nana (Stacy's mom) went to her rescue.  As I held her (only because she was crying) I began taking photos as best I could.  Welp,  she noticed mom and dad as Matron of honor and groomsman.  Stacy had just walked down the aisle looking beautiful in her wedding gown when Jersey began to wiggle and to not disrupt the ceremony and her crying be heard on the video we sneaked out the side door.  Yep....we missed the ceremony.  We sat in the Bride's room and I could hear another child crying loudly.  It turned out to be Jaxon as he too wanted his mom Stacy as she stood with Matt exchanging their I Do's.   I hated to exit with Jersey but it was for the best.  Thankfully....they did have a professional for the ceremony as well as allow others to take photos.  Whew....I've learned two things with photography, I do not want the soul responsibly of capturing a moment you cannot get back and photographing people (especially more than 2 in a sitting) is quite challenging!  I personally will stick with random shots, still life, nature and abstract shots with my camera!!  : p  

Introducing "The Witt Family"

Jaxon was pooped!

The Staat's Family
My daughter Stephanie, Jamie her husband
and their Jersey-girl.

 I absolutely love this shot of Jaxon!

 Miss Jersey getting dolled up to be one of the flower girls.

My personal favorite of the couple dancing!

LOL!!  This happened soooo quickly as I was lying on the floor trying to capture a group shot of the kids.  I think it's adorable!!  Jaxon is such a cutie!

Jersey's last week with her pacifier!

Stacy at the hair salon.  What a horrible experience it was! That's a whole blog post itself!!

waiting patiently....

David's Bridal

Stephanie helping Stacy get into her dress

B is for Bubbbbbbles!!!  Lots of bubbles!!

"Oh What a view" is the name of one of the three bridal cabins for the wedding party and family members.

and....oh what a view it offered of The Great Smoky Mountains!!

That's one of Dollywood's roller coasters in the photo!

This 3 story cabin was amazing!  It's also for sale for over 3 million dollars! 

The Little Log Wedding Chapel...a quaint little place!

The Holy Bible
The wishing well at the chapel

 Stacy with her dress at the crack of dawn

The garter and "Her boots"

I love this! Considering it to be one of the greeting cards!

 Stacy and Dee in the Bride's suite

At the reception

Stacy and Sydney

Mother and Daughter

I was asked to edit some of the photos for them

Stacy with the groomsmen and her brother Jamie

 I added these last three of Jersey and her expressions.

Steph and Jersey

"Look Meme, it's a bird!"

What a great weekend it was and what a blessing to spend it with my daughter and the "other" side of her family!  Congratulations to Stacy and Matt!  May God bless your life together as husband and wife and enrich the life of your children Jaxon and Sydney as a family!

P.S.  unless others know in advance that I'm blogging and posting photos I DO NOT post their photos without verbal permission.  Some people really do not want their photos published especially their children's and I respect that.  So, while there were over 1500 photos these are the ones I am sharing.  

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