Monday, May 6, 2013


Much going on but a quick post for Mother's Day.  Jersey and I decided to grow her Mom a few flowers and the clincher is we started from seeds!  While it's been a joy the past week watching her "shhhhh" and tell her Mommy she has a surprise, she's also been checking them daily in the window and watering them.  It's adorable!  Yes, I'll bore you with a few pics documenting the process but ... just as a "precautionary" measure we came up with a backup gift!  lol   It's a VERY EASY SILLOUETTE that can be made in just a few minutes on the computer!  

If you don't have a profile shot ... take one.  Best if there is a solid color (lighter or all one color) behind the head.  
Upload the photo to your compter.  Open up the photo and click "edit".  I use and it's free to download.  I have Photoshop but find it easier to do these quick things with!  
Make it as dark as possible.  (I had to save mine, reopen and darken a second time)  
Once it's as dark as you like it...hit the print button!  

We cut ours out and pasted it on pink cardstock.  
Let them sign their name and make sure to capture the year!


Here's where we are with our planted seeds.  Daisy's and Zinnia's.   Jersey also picked out a Butterfly "bookmarker" made of stainless steel for 1.00 at the local Dollar Tree to put in her planter. 

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