Thursday, November 1, 2012

November is here! 
 To begin the month off I'm shouting out, "HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"  
Today is my sisters 53rd birthday and just typing the numbers 53 is all too weird!  Where oh where did the years and days go?  Wasn't it just a "couple of years ago" that we surprised Daddy for his 50th??  Geesh!!!  Randi Jo was just a baby and Bret was a newborn!  Oh me.....that means "a couple of years ago" has actually been over 25 years!  Whew.........Crazy, isn't it?!  Amazing when you reflect back how it can seriously seem like yesterday!  

Anyway....We decided to celebrate YOU today!  I wrapped your gifts which will go in the mail this weekend....Jersey and I baked you an Apple-filled spice cake and we're sharing it with the rest of the family tonight after pizza!  We can Skype you and sing Happy Birthday!?  
There are not enough adverbs or adjectives to describe how it feels to have you as my sister!  I'm so lucky to call you my sister but to truly very fortunate to call you my dear, greatest friend!  I can't imagine me being the older or the younger sister.  Many girls "wish" their life's away and I can honestly say that being the Middle Sister to you and Connie has always been a gift in itself!  I am very fortunate to be stuck right in the middle of you two!  Two friendships and sisterhoods so unique and special in their own ways.  I'm  so thankful God gave me YOU!   

 It's hard to believe that two years ago you we were able to surprise you with your trip to San Francisco for the end of your 50th!!  Whew....A lot of sneaking, behind the scene computing and tiptoeing went on to pull that one off!!   Big George was so proud!  I was so proud of him and I couldn't believe your face when you realized what was going on!  Somewhere between the tears of loving you as my sister and loving Big G for doing this for you and knowing that I would have the boys...I was reminded that true love does exist!  : )   I love you two and I love the way you respect and honor each other! 
  Enjoy today as I know you will with those boys and know we still love ya~ way up here in Tennessee too!  


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