Monday, September 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Connie

My adorable little Connie.
Yes, I typed Connie and not Jon' for the world to see!  You will always be Jon' to me and who in the world knows when, where or how that got started?  What's sweeter is Debbie refers to you as "Little Jonnie"!
Regardless, you are our adorable little sister!  Happy Birthday to you!
When I think back to some of the things we did together and I cherish these memories most I will start with...

1.  skipping school with everybody in Pam's VW bug and Don Wolfe ratting on us!!  (That was your ingrown toenail

2. when I moved in with Momma my senior year you wrote me the most beautiful letter saying how you missed us putting our makeup on together in the mornings before the bus came.  I hate that I abandoned you at that time in your life...I really do... we never fought and people find that hard to believe... guess we got it all out when we were little?  lol   I just remember how much that letter meant to me and how I hated losing it in our house fire.

3. the times you would skip school and come out to see me and Big Larry in Smyrna at our new home via your blue pinto!!

4. the times we went to "Rob & Tobs Disco" in Smyrna where Jami Sykes played in a band.  Remember all the Parhman girls?  Terri, Kerri and Merri?  wow...what a load full of memories there!

5. our 4 hour trip to Walmart!  Never again!!  ;p

6. the many, many times you drove up to visit us in Harriman, TN and the countless hours of fishing and time trying to keep 4 kids thinking we were nuts!!  The whole "Lamp Shade Singapore Singers" with you, me and Cynthia!  It's a wonder our children were never taken from us!!!   just kidding for those 4 people that read this entirely!

7. our COUNTLESS road trips to West Palm Beach, FL over the course of the past 30 years!  whew!!

8. the first time you booked us a room online in Orlando and we got to witness a real live pimp and drug deals in front of our children.  OMG....and you video taping the whole thing!  Whew......So glad we have common sense!  THANK YOU DADDY FOR THAT!!

9. the countless things we learned at "The Parties" and that's all I'll say on that subject!  haha

10.  the removal of your packing from your sinus surgery.  I DO LOVE YOU THAT MUCH & MORE cuz I'D DO IT AGAIN....only this time as a nurse with a SURGICAL MASK ON!!!  yeck....eck....

The fact is this list could go on and on and on.  I have had a blast growing up as the middle sister between you and Debbie and I love you both for the crazy fun memories I have of us all!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful little Jon'! and if I DO find the picture of you in the tube socks I'm posting it here.  In the meantime....

Love you sis!

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