Wednesday, March 23, 2011

30 Day Challenge

I received this from a friend of mine, Kimberley  and she was challenging all of us to do it!  I'm on board  as I see it a great way to update this blog and become a faithful blogger!! 
 Wish me luck!!

Day 1:

  A picture of myself and 15 facts about me.

First off,  if you know me then you know I do not like being in front of the camera!  My place with a camera is behind the lens, looking through it!!  In order to do this 30 day challenge I will post one of my favorite pics of myself.  (Geesh, that sounds conceited!)  This photograph I actually took while taking a photography class.  One of the assignments was to take 500 self portraits!! 500!!  ughhhh!!  I survived and even made an A!  So...on to the challenge.

This is me! 
 Bridgitte Elaine Tidwell Seiber. 
 No photo-shopping or editing, honestly! 15 facts about me.

* I absolutely love the fact that I am a Child of God and I know He "has my back" in any situation!

* My children have been the greatest three miracles in my life as I was once told I could never conceive!

* Talking is my favorite pastime!  I never meet a stranger and somehow we always have a connection!!

* God has shown me His "God Winks" to me every single time I found myself at a crossroad.  It was the beginning of an amazing "Adult walk with Him"!

* This season of my life has produced lots of good,cleansing, joyful tears and a few of doubt at times but I know I am where I am needed.

* I am the proud owner of the silent disease Multiple Sclerosis and I really do Thank God that He found that of all my family I was the one strong enough to carry this. The one thing I do know is He allows me to wake each morning!

* Roses are beautiful, tulips are too me much grander, but my favorite of all things is to have a handful of dandelions handed to me. (The white blowing kind)   It reminds me of my children picking them on the farm in East Tennessee and proudly saying, "Here mom I picked you some wishes"!
* Completing nursing school at the top of my class was my greatest accomplishment I ever put upon myself.

* I am addicted to Pepsi, in a glass, no ice.  weird?

* Photography is my passion!

* When I see my grandchildren I am overwhelmed with pride.  They know MeMe as a grandmother.  They haven't or don't know of the mistakes I made as a parent and accept me as I am.   When they come running into my arms....the tears start to fall just typing this!!

* I can go outdoors to take a walk and get lost in the beauty around me. It's like a high.  Nature is just in my blood.  Each season has such beauty to offer and I realize that life is moving all around us while nature just takes its time and lives.  We should learn from that!

* My eyes are my favorite attribute.

*  Writing and creating digital images are two of my favorite hobbies!

* Music...oh how I love music!  Just about every venue has something in it that speaks to me!  You have to know the story behind the songs....  At church music is as much as worship to me as is the message!!


Day 2:

A picture of  the person you have been closest with for the longest and it can't be a family member.  

This is indeed an easy one!
  Glenn Nantz has been there through thick and thin as the greatest friend a girl could have!  He has been there for my boys and for me during very difficult times. 
 I guess it's safe to say he knows more "truths" about me and my feelings than just about anybody in the world! 

 Next to him is his daughter, Alyssa Kaye!  What a blessing it has been to have shared in her life and the greatest compliment she ever gave me was a beautiful letter saying I was the greatest Mom she could have!! 
 I love both of them so much!

  Day 3

A picture of the cast from your favorite movie 

I absolutely love this movie! 
He was her miracle!   

Day 4

A picture of someplace you've been and your memory of the time.  Not a vacation!

June 2, 2010

Awaiting the Arrival of My Marine
 Cpl Bret Seiber
from his Afghanistan deployment

100's of family and friends gathered at 4pm expecting our Marines to arrive around 7pm.  The excitement and music in the air was so patriotic and full of tears and excitement! 
 The hills of Camp Pendleton offered a beautiful backdrop as the helicopters, airplanes and even the sun put on a beautiful show for us as we waited...

and waited...
and finally the buses arrived at 1:11am!  
the buses began pulling in and the silence was SO loud
we were ordered to stay behind the ropes...
but that was one command that was not obeyed!
This one (above) is me looking through my zoom lens and spotting Bret!
He grabbed me so hard and wrapped those long arms around me....
I tell you I never, ever felt such love between the two of us.
  It was a defining moment in my life!!
My son was!  
another answered prayer!!
My second hug I was able to get captured thanks to Miss Britnie!
Now back to the hotel for a few winks...
We decorated, as did everybody, the hotel room 
The two things Bret had asked for was:
#1 Moms sweet tea
#2  A cold Bud Light
The following week did become a vacation after his debriefings.  
SanDiego, LA, Hollywood, Malibu, 29 Palms, 
tattoos, casinos, driving the west coast
and yes the Pacific ocean 
I've traveled many coast and I love the beautiful rocks along this one
This seagull and I had a "camera relationship"
I tell you he KNEW I was photographing him!
The rocks are stunning.  So full of color and rounded so smoothly!
and on this longggg pier with 1,000's of names engraved into each rail. 
How was it that God in His splendor would have me stop just in front of this next one!!
My "God Wink" right there, in my viewfinder
Brets nickname "Opie" as is was growing up is on the top rail
directly below it is the name of my nephew
George Sturgis.  
Now tell me..How wonderful is my God to give me this confirmation
of my next journey!  To go assist with my sister and the boys in just a few short weeks!
This literally stirred up a surmountable amount of tears and I was overwhelmed with this
 "God Wink" as He certainly had just laid out my next plans in "writing!"  


Day 5

A picture of something you are afraid of.

Gather up the kids, scrapbooks and the animals!!  
My poor kids will always remember the endless, long nights of tornado warnings and sirens in our area and our safety plan!  
One of our least favorite nights during a warning;  as the windows were raised, about 8-9 skunks were flooded out of their home and you know it...they sprayed in our backyard and it was horrible!!  yeck!!  That's a sensory memory I don't recollect all to often!   

This was taken just before hurricane Ivan hit the the house in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Yes, I took the picture not knowing it was a funnel cloud.  It was eerie silent and still...for a brief second! 
the calm before the storm!  ugh!!  


Day 6

A picture of your favorite band or artist

okay, this is hard for me!! Really!  I love so many different genera of music so I may have to list a couple in different categories!  

Contemporary Gospel:
Hands down, the winner is Tenth Ave. North
there is a personal connection with this band as I was able to see them on their very first concert where they began in West Palm Beach, FL.  
They reached out to my nephew George, who had recently had surgery and just treated him so kindly!

For Pop it's a tie.
 I love Chantal Kreviazuk and Norah Jones.  
Lots of people don't realize the music done by both are in so, so many movies!  Their voices are unique and amazing!

The first time I was away from my kids working I came across this Chantal album and her song, 
"Feels like home"  
It helped me through many long days and nights being away from Nashville, TN!  

"Come Away with Me" will always be my 
"Cinderella, magical, whisk me away song!" 

Day 7

A picture of something you hate.  

enough said on this matter!  

Day 8

A picture of something you crave.  

If only I got paid for each one I drink!

Day 9

A picture of your extended family. 

Taken May 23, 2006 of everyone at Bret's graduation just before boot-camp.
From left to right, back row first.  
My step-dad Bill, Connie (pink), Debbie (orange), Momma, Granny Seiber under Bret's right arm
Bret in the blue graduation gown, Uncle George, step-mom Trish under Bret's left arm, my daddy, Lil Larry and Me. 
On the front row is Randi Jo (Connie's daughter)  Connor (Debbie's twin) 
Jaylen (my granddaughter, Larry's oldest)  Stephanie (my only girl) and Lil George.   


Day 10

A picture of something you want to do before you die.  

I can't pick just one as I have 3 HUGE dreams:

My first is to go to Paraguay on a mission trip and use the skills I have learned as a nurse to help others.  To also share the love of God with those I meet.  As a girl in Acteens in church I can remember the Skinner family telling us about their being missionaries here.  

my next dream: visit the Rainforest in Brazil. 
 I've loved nature all my life and I honestly give my Memaw the credit for instilling that love in me.  She use to remind me how to inhale the smell of the fresh-cut grass, memorize each sunset and to remember to Thank God for creating it all!  
My grandfather, Roy was actually my step-granddad, but the only grandfather I ever knew as mine were deceased.  We use to sit on the front porch and he would show me how to get the squirrels to eat out of my hands.   He use to take me fishing and he is where my nickname "Cricket" came from. 
my dream everyone knows

My daddy was a paratrooper in the USArmy and I KNOW that's a job!
Yet, when I saw those pictures of him soaring through the air it put the desire in me to want to experience this.
   I've had this dream since I was a young teenager.  

Day 11

A picture of someone you could never imagine your life without.

my children!!
what a blessing each one of you have been
 and to my life
 what joy you have brought!  
I simply CANNOT imagine having had a life with each of you!


Day 12

A picture of your favorite place near home.  
Cane Ridge Park
Cane Ridge, TN
Cane Ridge Park has been a blessing to me for years.
Miles of laps could tell stories of the things I've pondered  while walking here and soaking in the beauty of Gods nature as-well-as watching ball-teams practice & children playing on the swings and slides. 

Day 13

A picture of you at a changing time in your life and explain why/how.  

This was my beginning Nursing School picture. 
 Geesh, I remember the guy staying, "hold your chin up!"  
  I was so excited about this picture until I actually saw it. 
 I look like a snob!  

Now, how have I changed. 

Oh my~
Nursing changed my world.  It gave me the opportunity to do here at home what I had wanted to do abroad, in the Peace Corp or by being a Missionary. I was able to care for people. To be there for them when they needed someone for those few minutes to really listen and care.  Nursing changed me from the inside out. 
 I never expected to, "fall in love" with a career like I did!  

Day 14

A picture of the person you see yourself being with in the future/married. 

Well, lets see, 
first you have to be asked out
secondly you fall in love
third...well, you're getting 
"the picture".  
I'm single
I'm available
I'm excited 
to one day place a 
picture here of that special person!  

P.S. my number is....HAHAHA!!

Day 15

 A picture of your favorite memory.

This isn't the actual moment I met "Big Larry" I sat on the front porch of my home this car drove by and I absolutely loved it!  A Mach!!  My love for sports cars, especially older ones runs deep!! It pulled into the house across the street. At dinner that night I recall asking my mom & step-dad about the car. step-dad knew the owner, "Larry" and would talk with him about me seeing the car.  
As fate would have it, the  following day, Larry drove by again, this time pulling up as I was doing my homework on the porch.  He was asking when my step-dad would be home.  
Okay, picture this. 
I'm now standing beside the road, my hands on his car and I am looking into the eyes of the most gorgeous older man I had ever laid eyes on and me, Bridgitte, I can't speak!! 
 I am utterly speechless!!  
As the weekend approached he came back over to help my step-dad and while doing so asked if he could "take your daughter out!" dear friends.  The rest is history.  He began checking me out of school early as my "step-dad" (how funny is that) and I'd skip for a day or so. 
 My grades were good so it never raised any attention.  
He would let me get behind the wheel and we would drive any and everywhere for hours!!  
Oh, and on that official first date, we went to play cards with his boss from Wright & Lopez and ran out of gas!!!
  Keep in mind, we didn't have cell phones and to call home from a pay phone was like 5.00 in change!!!  
We had a beautiful love story.  
It's ours. 
 We married, we have 3 beautiful children and I would not trade ONE SINGLE MOMENT of my life I spent with my Big Larry and My Mach!! 
I miss you honey!  
I will love again, but I will never love so honestly and so genuinely like I did with you.    
I have SO many favorite memories but this is by far my most treasured. 
Oh, and to quote Larry,
 "She fell in love with my car first, not me!"  :) 
one favorite photo of mine of my Larry

Day 16

A picture of something new

Jersey MacKenzie Staats
Little Cupcake
What a blessing Jersey has been in my life already!!   
She's 4 weeks old in this picture at Cane Ridge Park

Day 17

A picture of your biggest insecurity

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