Wednesday, April 25, 2012


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I'm trying something new today.  Well, new on my blog that is.  There's a blog that I've been following for some time now called Vocalpoint.  It's full of information on home/life/family issues and introduces you to all kinds of new products from top brands.  I've received several full size samples in the mail along with coupons as well as some "travel size" items.  It makes going to the mailbox exciting these days!  The neater thing is there are reviews from other users and personally to me, that's as valuable as a coupon or a sample, ya know.  Actually, I love the reviews.  They are honest and direct.  Some offer other uses for the product as well.  So...without further a~due here is their website.  
Go join.  It's free!  
They don't bombard your inbox with useless emails (just occasional reminders) and the site itself isn't so cram-packed with info that you get lost.  

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Have fun and hey...
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Ruby S said...

Poop, it's for the US only.
Girlfriends Are Like Shoes

Bridgitte said...

Ruby, I am so sorry this is only available in the US. :( THANK YOU for dropping by my blog!

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