Monday, April 23, 2012

Jersey's walking!

I've been saying it since the day she was born...Jersey is smarter than any child I've been around!
Well the past 3 days she has finally decided to let us have what we've all been waiting for...her walking debut!  She has kept us on the side of our seats and teased us for months.  Just when you think she was going to take off...she'd sit down, or if you asked her to walk when you reached for her she basically lifted both feet off the ground and giggled!  The last 4 months she has climbed onto and into her walker and proceeded to break speed limits and loves banging straight into everything!! Of course laughing the entire time! today is what she offered Meme and I happened to have the phone in my hand...(I'm soooo thankful for these new phones!!)  

Now the fun begins as I try to keep up with her!!  

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