Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Photo journaling...

I decided to work on two different photo portfolios in the last couple of days.  
Where my brain comes up with some of these things is beyond me.

 The First:  Daily life with MS

I've been thinking about all these medications I'm on.  
Morning, noon, night, midnight, three x's a week, PRN, injections, with food, without grapefruit juice, no operating large machinery, may cause drowsiness, no driving, countless alcohol swabs, needles,prescription bottle recycling projects, injection site irritation...the list goes on and on...

Before I ate dinner tonight I gathered the usual dosage of "before dinner meds". While doing this I realized I really wasn't hungry and giggled thinking that I'd be full by the time I took all these pills anyway... which gave me the inspiration for my first shot...

My Dinner needs some color!
 (remember growing up...meat, potatoes, yellow or green veggie)

then without eating I thought about dessert...

 the truth is I should have used the actual meds I would take after dinner before bedtime as dessert..but that's an afterthought as I'm looking at the pictures. we can retake that later.  

You've got the idea.  Tomorrow I'm going to try to capture a few pictures in the life of me with MS.  Trust me it'll be nothing spectacular unless Miss Jersey decides to completely walk alone! In my goal of creating images that others can relate too I thought that maybe I should capture my life with MS and add some humor to it when I could.
 This isn't intended to make lite of Multiple Sclerosis or any disease what-so-ever!  I live this everyday and if it wasn't for the faith I have, the laughter I can find and the support I am given then I'd go stir-crazy in a second!  So enjoy with me as we continue this photo journey in the coming days and weeks!  

Second photo-journal

What's pleasing to my eye...

As I traveled across town this afternoon I had the opportunity to see this amazing pink/purple sky in my rear view mirror.  Unfortunately where I was had me sitting much too low to capture its full beauty but here is what I saw and how I created a "memorable moment" with it.

        isn't the color of that sunset spectacular!!  You see this confirms it.  God in His spare time is indeeed an artist!!  Could you imagine having the awesome ability to create sunsets?  Seriously ... how do people NOT believe in God when they witness something so amazing!  
So as I'm driving down the road I'm looking around and around, over my shoulder, out the back window trying to find a "higher ground" so I can shoot this sunset.

Well well...I see this church sign and only catch a glimpse of what it says.  I rush to make an illegal u-turn because something tells me I must see this.  As I pull into the drive of the church, I realize it's on a hill....a good size hill mind ya.  I throw my truck into park, firmly press the emergency brake, throw the door open and start shooting.... My brain finds what the sign says to be neat but my heart is warmed and I find myself pushing the camera to the side to read the name of the church atop the marque.  Scenic View.  Scenic View Baptist Church.  How appropriate...how very, very appropriate!  You see friends, this is how My God and I chat.  On way more ocassions than I can recall He has written a message to me on a marque or billboard!!
How grateful I am that during rush hour in Middle Tennessee God places a hill, a sign, a sunset and more-so an opportunity for me to capture His beauty!  I didn't get the "sunset" I was after but I indeed captured a photograph that I find peaceful and inspiring.  To top it off the power pole in the photograph is perfectly centered to cooperate with my OCD tendencies of photography and looks to me just like a cross!  Judge for yourself.
You see...He gave me that moment.  It's my duty and my privilege to honor Him by sharing it!    
God is so good!  He's so good to me!!

Have a blessed tomorrow my friend!  

P.S.  Hey Debbie...aren't you proud of my U-turn!!  lol

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