Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Yesterday began my first day of classes at Big Picture Classes!  I am so excited!  Cannot wait to receive my prizes in the mail but until then I am improvising.  One of the first assignments was to write my own definition of the word beauty.  While reading the handout it reminded me of one of my past posts. About finding beauty behind the lens of your camera.  It's so so very true.  Once you begin looking through the lens and "seeing" things from that viewpoint you begin to see color, shape, sizes and so much much more.  It's amazing!!  You realize how much you "overlooked" before.

My daughter, Stephanie laughs each time I take my camera into Hobby Lobby, Michale's or Pier 1!  It is thrilling for me to go shopping with her as I've captured some of my favorite shots during these trips and I don't spend a fortune!   When Christmas decorations are set out for the holidays or the summer time colors fill the shelves...it's exciting for me!!  Well, I hope you're getting the point here...see beauty in everything, everywhere around you!

Now back to my assignment.  Defining beauty.  When I began to ponder on my meaning so many visual images popped into my head.  As I started transferring those images into words I was overwhelmed with several different emotions.  Ideas like an old couple holding hands and wondering what their story held, the birth of a newborn, an eagle soaring, a mama bird feeding her young, a rainbow after the storm, a blind person feeling someones image.   For me this simple task became a spiritual journey.   Beauty is spiritual.  It's what you make it.  There is, I believe, beauty in everything, yes...everything!  It's like finding & knowing true happiness only after having experienced heart wrenching pain.  One can only appreciate certain things after having endured hardships or hurt.

Needless to say my definition was lengthy.  I needed to simplify it for myself.  Even though I loved the ideas I had written I really felt the need to make it simple and speak on it's on with few words.

Maybe I should post my note...then you can see where this came about.  Here is my final idea.  It's not set in stone as I've really had it on my mind all day today..., until I feel that "This is it" moment this is what I've chosen to use as my definition for Beauty in my life.

These are my words.  Simple, straight from my ole heart.  Let me encourage you to think about and create too your own definition too!   of course I had to create a tag with mine...lol  feel free to snag and share if you'd like.  My only "rule" is give credit where credit is due and comment with a little Thank you!


Sweet dreams beautiful you!!  

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