Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Gnome home

The past few days here in Tennessee the weather has broken many highs for being so warm, so early in the season.  Plants are blooming early and believe it or not tonight we're expecting a frost warning!  Crazy, crazy weather here all the time!  Anyhoo...I had a day with no grandbaby as they were all going to the zoo and I just did not think I could mange 8 hours on my feet today of walking on concrete....so.....I decided to it was picture taking time!!!  WHOOOHOOOO!!!  Besides, if we have a frost we all know what happens to the lovely colors and edges of all the flowers that have bloomed early.  (I was also recently asked by an artist friend to capture some additional barn pictures)   like I needed an excuse!! right!!

Welp, this little "gnome home" is at the end of a neighbors driveway.  It's funny how you can see something all the time and take it for granted.  You know you see the beauty of it but do you really see the beauty IN it?  I've often wanted to stop and take a photograph but it's in such a sharp curve with no sight of oncoming or even traffic immediately behind you. Not to mention the gate which I can only presume they have a remote for...so...like a stalker....I turned around three or four times trying to figure out where to park my truck and how to walk on the road as there is no edge what-so-ever!  Getting hit by a vehicle is not on my bucket list!!   After 20 minutes of pondering and highly planning my stragedy I had it figured out!  Yippee .... well let me say this was the fastest three pictures I've taken in a LONG time!  I wasn't too certain how they were going to turn out but the Lord put a car on the road that needed a muffler so I was able to boot-scoot out of the way with time to spare!!!  Thank you Jesus!

When I put my disc in I was somewhat pleased at the outcome.  I had fun playing with it on picnik and making little clone gnomes too.  As a last minute decision I added it to the artist/photography site I'm a member of and have received some very positive remarks about it!

Comment by Lucie Beauchesne 8 hours ago

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I love the little house, because it is special and it has style. You took a picture very interesting to make a great painting. Bravo.

7 hours ago

Comment by Fredda yesterday
Your photo lends beautiful credence to a story I have, that is written by Wil Huygen and illustrated by artist Rien Poortvliet about the secret lives of gnomes.  It makes me think of all the wonderful stories I'll get to share with my grandchild-to-be (in May). Almost wish I could peer in a window!!

 Comment by Barbara Tester yesterday
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Ohhh Bridgette! . . . this is pure SERENDIPITY!      (in a park near you, maybe?)
I love it's whimscal air; the swathe of glorious lavender-hued iris balances the composition beautifully; and the complimentary colours are quite . . .MAGICAL
The horizontal format gets us 'down-to-the-world-of-the-wee-folk' . . . the distinct shadow-line of the woodland trees provides a perfect backdrop! . . .and the brilliantly-clever use of the branch-slabs gives an almost story-book appearance to the gnome's home's thatch-tiled roof'! What secrets abound inside, I wonder?
 . . . for sharing an image which suggests a truly-whimsical painting?
             Could easily be where the Easter Bunny hangs out? :))
                   Barb x   Love it!


....maybe someone will paint their rendition of this and I'll be able to post it soon here! 
 Here's my final creation while playing with photoshop.  smile...it's fun! and don't you love how they used the trunk of the old tree!!  too cute!  

Well, I need to run.  Easter baking to be done!  Remember to THANK your Heavenly Father for the breath of life He gave you today!  Have a wonderful one and make a difference to someone no matter how small today! 

special thanks to http://enterarena.blogspot.com for sharing this little siggy to sign my post with!  

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