Friday, April 6, 2012

I am so excited about the Silhouette Cameo!  I can only begin to imagine all the things that could be created with this little diddy!!  As the Easter weekend finds us celebrating the birth of our risen Lord I will also be celebrating my Daddys 74th birthday!   Yep, 74!!  Hard to believe when you see the way he gets around and all the stuff he does!  It would thrill me to have one of these and have Daddy help me with creating some vinyl Bible verses and other quotes for our homes and for my sisters homes!  That my first creation!!  You see, growing up my Daddy was my biggest supporter when it came to crafting!  There isn't a tool in the garage I don't know how to use thanks to him!  One of my fondest memories and there are many, was making woodcrafts with him and my stepmom!  We made over 35 wooden, kitchen waste cans and 35 potato / onion bins just one Christmas alone for all our family and neighbors!  For my 25th birthday he bought me my own router made by Craftsmen.  Let me just say I thought I was something then!!   He allowed me to go to Watkins Institute for sewing classes and art during the summer.  So many ways he has inspired me that it only seems appropriate to want to share this with him!  You know that song, "There was always love in Daddys hands"....that's my immediate thought when I think of my Dad! sister Debbie would absolutely have a blast with this baby!  Especially with the Boy Scout troop and the new Family Church that's about to celebrate it's 2nd years since FBCWest Palm Beach started it!  I can see the toddler rooms and welcome center being decorated with all kinds of Silhouette Cameo creations!!  Not to mention some of our own ideas to possibly sell at one of the famous Singer Island and Juno Beach craft fairs!  Whew....I'm gonna have to start a list of ideas before I forget what's going though my mind!!!!  
If you want to see what I'm so excited about...jump over to The Idea Room!  If you don't return it's totally okay...her website is addictive!  While you're there be sure to signup for the free Silhouette Cameo being given away on April 8th...a big day for my daddy, a day to celebrate crafting and more importantly a day to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus, My Heavenly Father !!

Happy Friday!
Happy Passover!!

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