Tuesday, April 3, 2012

WZTV FOX17 :: Newsroom - Weekly Wellness - 3 Year Old Battles Rare Brain Cancer

Karsyn is my 3 year old granddaughter Rileys best friend.  Karsyn is battling a very rare form of brain cancer that only  strikes about 30 children per year.  This past weekend my oldest granddaughter Jaylen donated her hair in Karsyns honor for Locks of Love.  I am so proud of this decision she made to offer help in her own way!  To top it off our family friend and hairdresser Amanda Kepley had the honor of cutting those locks and presenting Jaylen with her certificate afterwards!  

Karsyn, you are so surrounded by love and so many, many people have joined in on the prayer chain for you!  You are an amazing, beautiful girl!  Riley, MeMe is so proud of the way you are such a special friend to Karsyn too!  I love you all!!  Looking forward to the upcoming TEAM KARSYN YARD SALE in a couple of weeks!

  The adorable Riley!  

and now...for Jaylens gracious gift of hair!  

I tell you she went from looking 10 to looking 12 by cutting off 12" !  We love it Jaybugg!!

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