Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dandelion Dream

with the breath I am so grateful for 
I gently pucker my lips and blow....
even at the age of 48 it thrills me,  while giving me a gentle peace~
 to watch those little parachutes from that perfectly round dandelion take flight 
and allow that wind beneath them to begin their course....

I'm on my own spritual journey just as they are.  
each day I wake with the beating of my heart and the opportunity to share my soul.  
where will I travel.  whose life can I touch?
 but more importantly who will make a difference in me.
 my prayer is that I see the beauty in every moment.  
that even if today brings about sorrow, I will seek out the joy and beauty, if only for a moment. 

 how will i live my parachute dream today? 
where will the breath beneath my soul carry me? 
open my eyes i do not want to miss a moment. 
celebrate life
embrace me life!

written after my Oprah life-class tonight
P.S. Oprah, Tony and to the rest of the panel...THANK YOU!

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