Friday, May 4, 2012

Little stinker....she's held me at bay for months!
Snickering each time I would ask.
Until tonight!!  
Her Mom and Dad both worked late shift so as we finished up dinner she began her ritual of showing Meme what a great right arm she has, by tossing her sippy cup!  Jersey's highchair has a cup holder and she knows all too well where and how to sit her cup very gently in it's specific location but on certain nights, like tonight, she decides we're going to play the age-old pick-up-and-drop game.
I proclaimed early on that we were learning our manners and MeMe would not allow her to do this and as I said, "young lady" ...welp....there went the toss and out of her mouth she said so sweetly, "Ohhhh MeMe!"  giggling the whole time!

Now tell could I do ANYTHING but shriek with excitement?  Finally those two little syllables I have waited for 14 months to hear!  MEME....MEME!!!    I jumped up out of my seat, she began clapping her hands and my son Bret who was watching the Nashville Predators thought I'd lost it! The truth is I think I scared Bret to death!! lol

Immediately I grabbed the camera and to my luck the scan disc was full and in the computer downloading the lastest 1000+ photos.... I was so disappointed I wasn't going to capture this moment if she repeated it but Bret quickly came to the rescue.  As I had now taken her messy little self out of her highchair and started for the bath, Bret brought me a second camera to use.

Below are just a few moments of her repeating MEME over and over as I bathed her and then proceeded to dry her hair and go through her bedtime ritual.

Jersey MacMac (short for Mackenzie) you made this MeMe one very proud and happy lady tonight!  I'm so thrilled to have you each day and spend this time with you.  No one really understands how this precious little lady has helped Meme with her MS.  I had to give up my nursing career and never imagined that doing so would enable me getting to spend this time with you!  Just like my photography class said can't capture the high times until you have gone through the low times!!  (Thanks Heidi!)
Tonight I'm grateful for the gift of speaking.  The gift of voice.  We often thank God for our hearing to hear what others are saying but I don't think I've ever thought about thanking Him for the VOICE that spoke those words!
....I was told as a young child in church that the words in red in the Holy Bible were the important words....well...tonight Jersey...your words were in red!  

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