Monday, January 30, 2012


sitting patiently, aiming, making no sounds until suddenly the sound of the trigger ... then.... waiting, waiting those few moments while the camera uploads her latest target. yep...shooting is her favorite hobby.    okay, that may sound somewhat goofy/silly/weird or even cool... but in all reality I'm really not that patient when it comes to waiting.Waiting on capturing the perfect moment!  Especially when the "target" is being pushed around by the wind and the sun decides to disappear behind the only cloud in the beautiful blue cloudless sky!!   

photography has been a passion of mine.  i'm self taught and nothing i do may win a Kodak Moment of the Year Award but to me they are moments in my lifetime that bring peace, joy, sadness, reflection and self growth.  when in nature...i'm closer to the universe.  i'm one with my maker.  i see things others would never understand.  i relish when i see a tiny inchworm creeping across a leaf ~ i'll then invest an hour of my life trying to capture his tireless hike in getting to his planned destination!  

we are here for just a brief moment on this land we call Earth.  if i had my way, i'd travel like a gypsy doing nothing but journal and photographing/  unfortunately that doesn't pay the bill of a single woman! oh and i aced english/grammer in college but have no real use for it.  i write just as i speak...or should i say i speak and therefore it types!  lol  my goal in this life is to leave my children and grandchildren with a love of this planet.  to reuse/recycle.  to make progress for my grandchildren.  i photograph to reflect but then don't we all.  i pray to leave my fingerprint on your heart and the love of My God in your heartt.  i challenge you to photograph your story in 60 days...yep, your whole story.  you create it.  there's no wrong.  it can only be right when coming from you the author
look around your home, why is that picture over the sofa or bed?  what does it say about you?  what does it say you like or desire?  where did it come from.  did you settle on it or has it been there for what seems like forever?  look inside your cupboard.  what were you thinking when you purchased those cobalt blue dinner plates with red dots?  reflect...reflect behind your lens then...don't lend your view to the world (copyright your images because there are virtual thieves out here on the www!)  publish them....make greeting cards out of them to family and friends.  that's right...take that gorgeous photo you snapped and create a postcard out of it!  there's a big, huge beautiful planet we with a ka-zillion (is that a real word) places to explore.   if we all join together we can virtually travel and never spend a dime on a bus or plane ticket!  
happy shooting my friends

ps:  does anyone else miss the click and thumb action from our original 35mm Canon models besides me?  

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