Sunday, January 29, 2012

Project Life!

I just posted about this on facebook. When I get excited about something everyone around me hears about it....over and over!  This is the newest, coolest project I've seen since I became a Creative Memories representative back in 1996!   I love my scrapbooks.  no, no, that's an understatement.  My whole reason for creating and spending the time I do on my scrapbooks is that my children will have them for themselves one remember the fun times, the trips, the proms, the awards all the "times" of their lives.  It became an obsession to me after we had a house fire in 1993 and lost everything, EVERYTHING we owned.  Had it not been for photographs I had sent to family members I would have been at a complete loss!  (Lesson there...get those updated pics in the mail to the relatives!!)  

When I was growing up our photographs were in albums and trying to remove one was an act of congress!  If you were lucky enough to get one free it usually ended up with a rip or distorted in someway.  My parents also kept loose photographs in our living room coffee table.  Even as adults we would sit for hours and go thru' those recalling precious times! that you have a little background you'll see why it became so important for me to give this gift of memories to my children in scrapbook form ~ to carry on their childhood to their children.  

Well, well, well......this new product, PROJECT LIFE,  has taken me by such surprise and I'm absolutely LOVING IT!  It's basically a compact scrapbook.  I can choose a few photographs to tell my story for the week instead of pondering for what seems like hours on which ones to use, crop and put just on one page alone!  

even as I'm typing my mind is going off in it's own direction thinking of what I need to do to get this off the ground and started!!!  (Promise to self made before Christmas:  NO new projects will begin until after Jerseys 1st birthday party which is quickly approaching on Feb 18th)   I"M SOOOOO EXCITED!'s the link, jump on over as I'm going to decide which I want to order!!  (cheezy grin)  

Happy Sunday my friends and happy'll be hooked!   

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Betsy said...

I just saw this Project Life on another blog today and thought it was such a neat idea! You will have to show us how you are doing yours! Girl...we would have so much fun if we lived closer because I love so many of the same things you do! :)

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