Friday, January 13, 2012

Today being Friday, January the 13th reminds me of one of my moms famous "Bobbi-isms".

It's mid-September.  I don't recall the year but it's been a while.  My sister Connie and I were sitting at the table discussing my nieces upcoming birthday.  This just happened to be one of those rare Friday the 13th and we were going to have her "spooky party" in Dr. Turks mansion.  Just us girls and a home that was somewhat empty of furnishings as they were having it renovated. It did have the spiral staircase, the wooden library with the sliding ladder, 13 full size bathrooms and an old, old organ in the attic.  The perfect place for a party! 
While in the middle of discussions and planning our mom suddenly says in the most serious voice.  " come my birthday has never fallen on a Friday the 13th?  My sister and I exchange looks across the table.  You know the look...the "REALLY?" look!  Did she REALLY just ask us that?  Bursting into laughter we look and I don't recalled who said it but we ask, "Mother, when is your birthday?" 
her reply, "July 28." gotta love our Mom and her "Bobbi-isms"~  Never a dull moment!  So much so that we created a book  that show a diagram of her brain and the place where her tongue just snaps apart and takes off without the brain engaged.  This therefore causes a well-known Bobbism! 
We love you Momm!
Happy Friday the 13th! I'll be spending the night with you and Connie in a few hours!

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