Saturday, January 28, 2012

...just saying

Dear Un-named Letter Stalker:  

 How about instead of taking the time to email me a nasty letter about how dumb my blog is....why not actually read some of its content.  If you still feel that way then feel free to mo-zee know there is a button at the top that says NEXT BLOG.  Encouragement gets someone much further than defamation of character.  You,  my friend,  I pray for today, tonight and in the coming days.  Apparently you are very lonely, unsure of yourself and certainly you do not represent the Living Lord that I do.  My hope is you find peace.  You learn to uplift.  You can become an encouraging person.  No, I won't block you for I see / hear in your letter you need someone to listen...someone who cares...yes, I am a total stranger and maybe, just maybe you can open up to me about all the hurt that has caused you to be so dark inside.  I pray God take away a day of my sunshine so you can see what my life is like.  I pray He overwhelmingly bless you with goodness and you be knocked down from the kindness of total strangers around you.  I ask this because I know that once you feel HIS love you will have a deep, a deep inner desire to know more of it.  I dont hate you...that's not in me.  I feel apathy towards you and I love you in His name because HE created you.  Give Him a chance.  He's only a prayer away.  I promise....I promise with all I have in me HE will make you whole and happy.  
In His Abiding Love, 
your least favorite blogger


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