Monday, January 16, 2012

I'm not into fashion. Period.  To me, a great over-sized sweatshirt with the name of a recent visited location is my kind of comfort clothing!  However ~ deep inside me there is a size 6 (she surfaced in 2006 -2008) but I adore certain little dresses and soooooo wish I could wear some of these darling ensembles that I run across!!  This is one of those!  How just adorable is this!!  I want to pull out my circle punch and start creating away and making the granddaughters one of these!  Their moms might find it hideous but I think it is just adorable!!  Imagine with me all the color schemes one could use!  Pastels, Christmas colors, Festive Fall or just teal and silver for the holidays.....ah...the list is ever-growing!    Now I realize it's not a dress you'd wear over and over but geesh, that's what makes is so fun !! just had to share this !   dream on size 6!

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