Thursday, June 28, 2012

Healing for the Twins

This morning my sister sent me a picture of both George and Connor as they were just out of surgery.  Oh my goodness...they both look like they are in so much pain!  As much as I wanted to see them I didn't like seeing them hurting!!

Oh, sorry,,,The boys had to have their adenoids and tonsils removed but since they both had a deviated septum they had to have those corrected. It just broke my heart and made me want to jump on the first plane and help them as well as my sister and Big George out!  You know, I can't think of anything worse than your child hurting.  Maybe your spouse or your parent but your child is just that...your child.  Seeing kids endure something is so heart wrenching and goodness knows that these two boys have been through so much physically since their arrival 17 years ago it just doesn't seem fair sometimes.  Does that make sense?  

It's moments like this when I think about Mary.  How in the world did she stand and watch them mock her son all his life?  You know as a mother she had to want to step in and stop it?  How did she refrain from just losing it sometimes?  How did Joseph handle the bulling he saw being done?  I cannot begin to imagine the strength, the faith, the pain, the courage, the hurt that she felt as her son walked, carrying his cross and standing at his feet until his last breath was taken.  It's far more than my mind can comprehend. 

It's no wonder the name Mary when researched often comes up meaning "bitter".  However...before you form an opinion...As sure as I am that Mary certainly was "Bitter" for having gone through a pregnancy, child birth in a stable, and then watching her son crucified that she was also very grateful for the time she had with her son.  Her son formed in Gods image.  Her son for whom the greatest story ever told would be about.  Her son whose life and death meant salvation for the lost.  Her son who sometimes never spoke yet acted in love.  Her son who gave all.  Her son for whom she loved more than her life itself.  Her son for whom God trusted her with,,,not anyone else.  Her son for whom she had not been bitter over she would have never learned the true essence of endurance, faith, wisdom, forgiveness, sorrow, love and more importantly...everlasting life. Her son taught her more than anyone.  How is it that we must learn the opposite of sweet by tasting bitter?  Learn the opposite of hate by loving? Feel the opposite of strong by being weak?  Witness the opposite of sick as healed?
I don't know why my thought wandered off into this direction but there are times when I gather strength from the strength that I see in others.  Mary had to have more strength than imaginable! sister Debbie is right up there with her.  Debbie, you have been though more with your boys than I have been with my husband(s) and my children combined.  Sure we may have endured our own trials but nothing when it comes to what you have endured as George and Connors mother!  You are a pillar of strength!  Your compassion is overflowing just when you think it's depleted!  Your service to others is so honorable!  Even in your lowest moments you're able to crack a joke, shed a tear and still give God all the Glory for giving you two boys that changed your's and Big Georges world!

I hope you know what an inspiration you are to me!  My children may be grown but I have another generation at my heels that I can certainly be a greater influence to.  Why the boys have had to go though so much is beyond me.  Like you...I believe they are going to have a great story one day!!  They will be able to look back at the life you led and thank God that their Mother and Father were the Christians they were!  I believe that with the Gman many medical mysteries may be closer to being solved because you never gave up!!  The World Neurology Organization does not know who God put in their path! The Sturgis Family!!

  I look at Mary,  she was able to witness the resurrection of her son, Jesus.  I look to you and know that without a doubt God is going to unveil His plan for your family soon.  I'm in tears writing this and only hope that my words are coming out and making some sense.  You took me in when I was weary, lost, torn and without hope.  You gave me my smile, helped restore my faith, shared in my physical challenges and brought me back to where I belonged.  In His loving arms!  I wish I was there right now to help with the twins.  There is nothing I can do to ever repay you for your loving me unconditionally...for being the Mary I needed and for never allowing the word bitter to enter your mouth for the role that you had accepted!!   

 I pray that the next few hours bring you, George and both the boys some much needed rest.  May their swelling begin to subside and their healing begin.  May He allow the pain they are enduring to leave their body as quickly as possible.  I thank God for neighbors like Betsy and Lanie that are there to assist and help you all during this time.  Lord it is in your name that I ask this for my sister and her family, Amen.

just fyi...I love you more!

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