Wednesday, June 27, 2012

CWA Review Crew...I'm in !!

Finally!!  I'm sooooo excited to be starting a new adventure!  I know, my whole life is an adventure so you're asking, "What this time?" right!  lol   

I've been trying for a few weeks to get into the Christian Women's Affiliate and become a reviewer!  The fact is I received an email a few weeks back that I'd been approved to be in their Private Review was I would couldn't follow the directions clearly to make my way around until tonight!!  YIPPEE's official!  I put in for my first two books!!  Jaylen will no doubt have dibs on one of them if she sees it before I do!  The cover alone with the horse will clearly win that girl over!!  She is like Meme and loves to read.  My only problem is I found Facebook a few years back and stopped reading like I use to. I'm so guilty of becoming a Farmville, Cityville addict that I seldom paid any attention to the statuses!  (Which...for the most part could have been a good thing!!  People share way, way, way too much personal info on that social media!  But,,,I'm still hooked!)  I'm hoping my books when they arrive will get me back to reading especially since I'm expected to give a review.  It's kinda like self-discipline hummm...maybe I should say self-help??  lol 

Don't get me wrong...I  see several negative with FB but I also see several positives in it as well. For someone that's pretty much home-bound during the week it's an amazing outlet!  So I'll continue to harvest the crops and tend to the residents until my books arrive!!  Be sure to check back and review my reviews of some great books!  Who knows...maybe one day my book will be up for review on CWA!!'t that be amazing!  God does work in mysterious ways!!!  

If you'd like to check out click the badge on the right just below the verse-a-day!  Night all!  

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