Friday, June 15, 2012

My Yard Sale Bargain!

Our  neighborhood has a Yard Sale Event each summer and I say  EVENT because its not just a couple of homes going in together, It's anywhere from 100-150 driveways, garages and yards that are filled with goodies for the bargain hunter making it next to impossible find  a parking spot!! 

One year the kids and I fired up the grill and sold hotdogs and hamburgers.  Who knew we would raise over 700.00 for our vacation doing so?!  We were amazed!  After a couple of years doing this our secret spread because it seems everyone is now offering everything from coffee and doughnuts at 6am to water, sodas,cookies and cakes all day!! 

 I haven't participated in the yard sale the past few years due to scheduling conflicts but I' have managed to get out there and shop for a few minutes and visit with the neighbors.  Personally I think I scored the best find this year!! You know those Little Tikes outdoor houses that last forever....well...I scored one of these little darlings for 15.00!!  That's right!  just $15.00 bucks!  The new ones start out at $179.99 and that's the sale price!  I don't usually get too excited about purchasing things at a yard sale but this one is just an amazing buy! Thanks neighbors!  Thanks Little Tikes for making such great toys that last forever!!  

 Here's a few pictures of Stephanie, Jersey and I cleaning it up.  What fun Jersey had playing!

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