Friday, June 15, 2012

Zoey is ONE!!

It's hard to believe Miss Zoey is 1 !!  This time last year Miss Jersey and I sat at the hospital waiting on her arrival.  What a busy and fun day that was as it was also Meme's first official "outing" alone with Miss Jersey!   Ironically everyone had gone to get a bite to eat as they were told it would be at least 45 minutes before Zoey arrived...little did they know that within 15 minutes of their leaving the nursery windows opened and there stood my son holding his newest daughter!!  It was sweet to have those few moments, just the four of us, as unexpected as it was! Larry was beaming from ear to ear!  What a memory for Mom here as I watched my son dancing around with his scrubs on while asking questions and taking photos!  When they weighed her at almost ten pounds his eyes grew so huge!!  It was then he realized that the others were no where around.  lol ....he was so lost in the moment!  

Welp, Zoey's party was of course Elephant themed. Larry has collected elephant stuff since he was a kid and so that is how they decided on her nursery and her party!  Too cool!!  Meme was suppose to make the's tradition for the kids showers and parties.  However, just days before Miss Jersey and I had passed around a horrible bug and I took the cheaters way out and called our hometown favorite bakers, Home Style Bakery.  I did attempt to make the rice krispy treats, lollipops, banner and cookies but when I say we were dragging that is an understatement.  
Unable to hold even a 1/4 cup of gingerale or gatorade down in 3 days I was dragging to say the least!  Mom had insisted that I go to the ER since I was running a fever but I kept thinking I had to be on the curve to re-cooperating. Unfortunately I wasn't.  While in the middle of the party I chose to eat a chip, one salty chip and managed to stay in the public restroom at the park for another hour hugging the toilet.  For the record...getting sick in a public toilet is just plain horrible!  It's bad enough to have your food come back up in your own clean toilet....oh, and I'll never understand how girls make themselves sick to control their weight!  yuck!!
So, Miss Zoey, I'm so happy you're one and I'm so very sorry I had to leave early!  I just don't have near the pictures I wanted to take of your special day!  You are so precious!  Your little laugh is just adorable!  I'm so happy you've been able to come over during the week with Riley, Mom and Dad and visit Meme!!  You are the sweetest little thing in the world.  It's so fun to watch you interact with Riley and how you just laugh out loud with her! I love you sweetie and I'll make you an elephant cake in the next week!!  

So, a couple of days after the party Larry and I took the girls to get ice cream and then surprised them with playing in Zoey's new swimming pool!  As you can see the backseat of the truck was wall-to-wall carseats!  

As you can see in the picture Larry took two different sprinklers out of their boxes and lets just say they were not the girls favorite until we showed them how to run through and get wet!! 
 Yep...we were soaked!!  

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