Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Over The Counter Insurance Benefits

Wow...was I surprised when I recently chatted with a customer service rep with my health insurance carrier.  I had no idea that they offered OTC benefits via mail-order each quarter as well as assisted devices.  The representative told me how to order this all online but I'm still somewhat old fashioned and like getting catalogs in the mail so I waited for mine to arrive via Uncle Sam and the USPS.  
I was in awe when I saw what they offered and even more stunned when I noticed the prices they had listed beside each item.  Let's just take a bottle of Tums.  Regular strength.  100 count.  They charge 7.58.  whewwwwww..... That's about a 2.50 increase from what I pay anywhere for the name brand!
I spent a couple of days deciding on what I wanted to order.  Still, in the back on my mind thinking there must be a catch.  In fact, I dug out my carriers benefits folder to double check this benefit!   I decided to order things that would "fill" my medicine cabinet.  If that makes sense.  Having nursed for over 20 years there is seldom anything I don't have in my cabinet or in my first aid car kit but I was able to spend 200.00 in no time!  
Below is a picture of what filled my mailbox and my medicine cabinet for this quarter.  
Go check your insurance companies policy and see if you have this benefit!  I say if you're paying for the benefits...then benefit from them!! 

I'm still waiting on my assisted devices to arrive ... 

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