Friday, June 15, 2012

It's Country Music Award time in Nashville!! formally known as FanFair

Well, It's June in Nashville, Tennessee and that can only mean one thing if you're a Country Music Fan...THE CMA Awards!!  My entire childhood this festival was called FanFair and we old timers still refer to it as that! It use to be held at the grounds of the State Fairgrounds but it grew so much that it now takes over many, many blocks in downtown Nashville!  To avoid traffic on I24 we chose to do the famous back-roads and it still took all of 2 hours to go less than 20 miles!  Crazy eh?  

From Chevrolet, ABC's Good Morning America, The Chew, Singing Bee, Jack Daniels, Bad Boys Barbecue to the Humane Society, Comcast, AT & T this event is HUGE!  It was reported that this year was the biggest yet for freebies and giveaways and by golly I believe it!  No matter where you park and enter you will soon have a bag with some pretty cool items in it ranging from T'shirts, hats, key-rings, Margauritaville Giftcards, Meet and greet autographs, CD's, New artist sample CD's, posters, food, CD's, weets, bandannas, more food and even more CD's!! You'll have something to give to everyone you need a souvenir for just by visiting the vendors and it's ALL FREE!!  There is seriously no need to spend any money at this event!  Really!  Walk down two or three tents and another vendor has free summer sausage, tea, energy drinks, PEPSI,  chips, jelly beans, tattoos,pizza, lemonade and small water-bottles are everywhere!!  If you need a larger bottled water and it's the only thing you do buy all day you'll only spend one buck!! 

 It's so much fun to attend and the things there are to do are limitless!  There's bungee bouncing in the middle of Broadway, archery shooting, corn hole, lasso golf, free pictures are taken at what seemed like 20+ stations.  You can be Dancing with the Stars or you're on an episode of Modern Family. Jaylen and I had our own Broadway Posters made staring The Seibers!  What a great day for the family!   Don't take your i-pod because everywhere you go there is live music.  Class acts and new artist share a multitude of stages set up downtown.  Wear comfortable shoes, don't forget the sunglasses and sunscreen and prepare to be worn out by the end of just one day!!  

Did I mention this last for a week?  The girls and I always go during the day and stay from like 9-4.  The Titans stadium hosts many concerts and the tickets start at $10.  There is no bad seat as they always broadcast on those huge screens and the lineups all week long are just amazing!  You usually see from 5-7 artist in one evening!  Nashville has got this festival down to an art and to think it started by the artist years ago to say thanks to the Fans!  Keep it up country music and not that my rating counts but you get 10 stars out of ten for this fun filled week of music and celebrating!  

still waiting patiently for the phone call telling me I won this baby!! lol

Jaylen loving her some new boots!!

This is a GRILL!  It's amazing!  It also served up some amazing "Kangaroo sausages!"  Thanks Xfinity and History Channel!

Jaybugg and Aunt Nini with the famous Batman building in the background!

The Tennessee Titans Stadium (across the river) and The Hard Rock cafe

This couple was precious!!  They represented the Jelly Belly Company.  Jaylen got a "Double Dare" and had to choose between "Stinky Skunk" or "Dirty Baby Wipe"

She said hers tasted like coconut!!  Stephanie on the other hand got the Dirty Baby Wipe while Jersey got her first tattoo!

no, it's not Lady Gaga, it's our own Little Ladybugg!

Jaylen wanted Meme in on the action!  Yippee! We were having a great time!

photo opp #??  these are everywhere and Jaylen was loving it!  Jersey decided to grab the microphone on this one and sing Twinkle Twinkle!!  too cute!

Doc Hollidays on famous 2nd Ave

Wildhorse Saloon and Nashville Cowboy also on 2nd Ave anyone can find a pair of boots here!!

it's not ALL country!!  BBKings has GREAT music and if you're lucky you'll catch Mr King there anytime!

Coyote Ugly, named of course from the movie....and for those that don't know, this is where Miss Jerseys name originated from.  It's the first movie her Mom and Dad saw together!  :)

Steph and Michelle carried the stroller all the way up these stairs only to learn NO one under 21 allowed even during the day.  Funny thing is there is the elevator sign!!  lol

While they climbed three flights of stairs Jaybug and I got our faces painted!

too cute my Jaybugg

Someone was getting hungry so we decided to go to Sabarro's and get out of the heat as well as change little miss...this is her first bite our of a huge slice of pizza!

ABC's Good Morning America's Summer Block Party!

this reminds me of New Orleans for some odd reason!

Paradise Park...known for the Trailer park Troopadores!

Famous Broadway!  The Stage, Cotton Eyed Joes, Maragauritaville and of course the ever famous
Tootsies!  Tootsies is the small purple establishment that every singer in country music wants to be asked to play and where many, many live shows have been broadcast!

Ernest Tubb Record Shoppe!

We love Martina Mcbride and this is the only poster that referred back to the word "FANS" that I've seen in  a long while


The Bridgestone Arena, aka home of the Nashville Predators Hockey Team!

Stage 4 or 5 with artist and live music

Just one of the many Budweiser Clydesdales!

Luke Bryan in front of the Country Music Hall of Fame

Below is the new convention center.  It's the width and lenght and 5 football fields!  It's gonna be awesome!

Another live stage and I can't remember who was playing! :(

Some of Nashville's beautiful buildings and skyline

The Bat (AT & T Building)  above and the new Pinnacle building below.  The Bat building has a contract with the city to be the tallest building until a certain year at which time the Pinnacle building will complete it's upper levels to become the tallest building!!  The things we learn about where we live!

Hope you've enjoyed a few of our pictures from the CMA FunFest!  If you ever get the chance to make it to Music City the first week of June don't pass it up!  It's great fun and music for everyone!!

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