Friday, June 15, 2012

Alyssa's a Registered Dental Hygienist

I can't believe my little girl is out of college!  5 years after enrolling and changing her major twice it's official...Alyssa is a graduate of Western Kentucky University and is now a Registered Dental Hygienist!!  

Alyssa entered my life when she was 3.  I met her through a friend who happened to be her neighbor.  Alyssa would often spend time at their home as her mom was battling leukemia.  Her mother lost her fight less than a year later.  Alyssa and my Bret shared all their classes together at school and quickly became great friends.   For the last century and a half this girl has but a smile on my face each and every time she refers to me as her Mom.  What an honor!!  When she asked me last year to share an apt with her in Kentucky as her roomie had bailed last minute I felt honored.  What an amazing year we had too!!  Talk about studying and refreshing my brain on things I had learned in nursing school,,,whew!  I use to laugh and say I was earning my unofficial DH degree!!  
Alyssa, your will to continue onward and overcome obstacles is powerful!  You never let anything or anyone hold you back.  Your love for Christ is so obvious, true and contagious!  It has been my pleasure to share these last few years with you.  Thank you for accepting me as I am.  Thank you for all the "Merle Norman makeup lessons", facial, pedicures and spraytans!  Life has certainly been eventfull these past months!  We were never bored, that's for certain!!  For the countless road trips to allow me to take photographs and for letting me sing "Black Betty" or "Return from the Dust" at any given moment at the top of my lungs!  You are my child by another mother!  You are my child in my heart!  I love you and I am so beyond proud of all you have accomplished!  From Best Dressed, to Miss Tennessee to President of your Dental Class and receiver of the Kentucky Dental Hygienist Award!!  Way to go my little Nightingale!!   

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