Sunday, July 8, 2012

♫ Celebrate Good Times ♫

What an amazing and busy last week it has been!  Its been so hot here in Middle Tennessee that we've broken 4 all time records!  This is when I want to be 1000 miles away from the humidity of Tennessee!  It amazes me that I can be in Arizona or California with temperatures much higher than 109 and never experience any humidity!!  Anyway, needless to say it's been HOT!

photo courtesy of  WSMV, Channel 4 news

Our celebrations for July 4th started early.  On Sunday we had a swimming party & cookout at Dads.  Funny thing is that we've had a lot of parties at Daddy's but I can't remember one that had everyone, every single one of us in the pool!  It was the popular place for the day and the crazy thing is the pools temperature was up to 87!  Not so cool!  It was a great day with family! Here's a picture of my Dad with his "do-rag" on!  He reminded me of so many of my biker friends ! Isn't he just a handsome Daddy!  I think so! Funny how just placing a wet, cold bandana on your head can categorize you!  Odd thing is my Dad is not fond of motorcycles!  Yep, we're quite the opposite on that as I love riding!  
P.S.  My Dad doesn't make a habit of wearing these.  He had this one soaking wet to cool him off!
In all honesty my Dad is very specific about his hair!!

The heatwave has brought about all 95 counties having a firework ban.  I'm sure for the animals this is a good thing!!  However, I'm like a kid...I can stop right in my tracks just to watch a single firework fill up the sky!

 We have watched fireworks in our local communities and in downtown Nashville for years!  I love how we all rush to the local hotspot to claim our spot on the hillside and prepare to wait until the sounding of the first firework gets the crowds yelling!  See, I told  you it's the little things in life that bring me such joy!! 

So now...for my photos!!  You knew they were coming!  First I have to share two photos of the moon.  It was so full and so beautiful as it cast it's golden shimmer on the ground!  

ooops, I misspelled "it's"  .... and just realized it!!!  Gotta love spell-check!

Below are just a few I caught of the fireworks in our community

Now...for my favorite picture of all. 
 This one was taken by my son in law, Jamie. 
 He sent this to my email because he thought it looked like a dandelion!  
Way to go Jamie!!  You did good!!  : )  

That photo is awesome!!  All those little parachutes flying outward just like a dandelion!!  

I am so proud of the hard work our city does to make sure we all get to celebrate our freedom!  
My next post will be the amazing finale on youtube, it's 4 1/2 minutes of fantastic fireworks and it's only the finale!!  The actual show last over 25 minutes.  

The fourth found us cooking out at Stephanie and Jamie's.  Deer steaks, hotdogs and hamburgers!  This time everyone stayed indoors!  Still another scorcher as we enjoyed even more fireworks from the front porch. I got to enjoy ALL 4 of my granddaughters on the 4th too!  (not one picture...I forgot my camera!) 

Nashville Shores celebrated with fireworks several nights in a row so that everyone could enjoy the festivities. However, just as we were about to hop on the boat with Alyssa and Chad a horrible storm fired up right above us.  I don't know about you all but being in the water when lightening is striking all around is not my idea of a fun time!  So...we willingly gave up our last pyromania show!  Here's what God blessed us with just as the storm was presenting itself.  

Isn't it beautiful!  I hope you had a beautiful and wonderful celebration as we did for the 4th.  
I am so proud to live in a county where we have the freedom of speech, religion and so so much more!  I'm also quite certain I've taken that freedom for granted in the past and I'm sorry.  Having a child and others in the military that have fought for our freedom has made me very, very aware of how precious this gift is to all of us!  Our country was built off the word of God, based on the Bibles principals and we have made a mockery of our forefathers work.  May I never, never take my freedom in anyway for granted again!!  

In His Love, 

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