Sunday, July 8, 2012

More of the Jersey Girl

Moments with Meme's Jersey Girl

Do you think she ever gets tired of Meme having the camera in her face?  The truth is she does.  She has 3 modes.  
1) she's hammin' it up for me 
2) she loves seeing herself in the lens and makes faces
3) she simply places her hand in front of the lens and turns it downward!  lol  

she's all about being silly and striking a pose!  Silly girl!  

This series of pictures I had just tried braiding her hair.  It absolutely drives me nuts when it's hanging in her face!! lol!!  Meme loves sitting her on the sink and while she's brushing her teeth or making faces in the mirror,  I play with her hair.  She's incredibly patient with me too!

This is her saying "Hi" to my mom, Granni Bobbi!  

Now for her first time with an ice cream cone.  This is a miniature cone too!  If it had been a full size cone I do believe we would have been in the highchair or outdoors!

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