Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Family Mission Statement

The mission of this dwelling is to ensure a welcoming refuge through God's love.  
To nurture the the mind, body and spirit of all who enter.
To deliver a learning atmosphere, using creativeness, originality and Gods word as our guide. 
 To offer an organized, simple environment
to family and guest alike where they feel welcomed and loved.   

I wrote this mission statement in January 2011 upon moving into my present home with my son.  The last six months Satan has tried to enter this home in many ways.  I am laying down the law.  War has been declared.  Satan you will not win!  

As much as I absolutely enjoy the company of my son and his living at home.  We have recently both learned a lot about each other.  He is gentle and easy to accept blame.  I am rough, to the point and set in my ways.  I admire the way he takes up for his girlfriend when things go awry.  It's cute and reminds me so much of his dad.  I dislike several things that have taken place and have tried on two encounters to directly approach this.  In my days of being raised, and days of  raising my own kids, having a sit-down conversation was how this was discussed.  It's obvious in today's world it seriously goes in one ear and out the other. Young adults just do not get the message when spelled out.  

Without spilling family trials of learning to "relive" in the same household. 
 I am praying that these trials will soon be approached, acknowledged and attacked. I pray too that God give me a sense of peace as we learn to work together.  These are not trials that would hinder our relationship but they do tend to cause hurt, distrust and a lack of respect.  We all know that this is how Satan sneaks in, therefore causing a ruckus in the home.      

Whew, I didn't realize how just typing that in small, times font, would lift that from my chest. 
 It's as if my prayer is now an "open prayer."  

I don't feel comfortable sharing with family as I should be able to handle these trails on my own.  However it wasn't until today that I realized, Satan does not have privy to any other part of my life and this is how he has chosen to rear his ugly head.  So Satan, get your hands, your ugly hands off my son.  I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ.  You may have found your loophole to sleaze through.  It's  now in my face and you are not welcomed here. 

Please pray for the well-being of our home.        

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Betsy said...

Being a mom is hard...even when your kids are all grown up! Praying for you & your son! xoxo

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