Thursday, March 1, 2012

Today found me standing naked from the waist up and having a camera photograph  my breast! read that right!  My Girls.  My "Other" Girls as I often refer to them.  This is hopefully step one in  having a much needed and wanted Breast Reduction.  

I just assumed all these years that my insurance company would consider this Cosmetic Surgery.  There is also a part of me that felt like I shouldn't alter what God gave me.  Yet, in the past few months I've been told repeatedly that having this surgery should greatly improve the strain on my back plus rid me of the cyst in my right breast.   For's been a dream in the back of my mind.  Not often spoken out-loud unless jokingly. I would never want plastic surgery to "improve" or "change" the way I look.  I'm okay with myself. Besides, you can't improve on perfection!! hahaha  However,I'm ready to have this girls reduced!  I was ready for him to say, "We can schedule you tomorrow morning"!  It's amazing this feeling of gratitude I'm having towards this!  It's overwhelming me!!

I became emotional as the surgeon and I discussed their size, my height, the incisions, the healing process, the details of how he would cut here and here then move this here....I didn't expect to have an outpouring of tears but they showed up and fell freely all over "The Girls" and the surgeons hands!  : o    He said he hadn't had anyone get so emotional in a long time....silly me!  I tell you I think the tear ducts they placed in my eyes are working overtime!!  

Step two is waiting 30-40 days for the insurance company to send approval to myself and to Dr. Wendel.  Once we have written approval the surgery will be scheduled.  Surgery is hopefully same-day, a week to 14 days of recuperating and no lifting.  Then...a new figure with less back pain!  Whoohoo! I sit in my pj's and wonder what it'll be like to have a smaller girls and less backpain...  
hummmm....  : )

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