Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A different glimpse of a TORNADO!

So...if you know me then you know I have a real fear or Tornadoes.  The fact is any kind of storm warning usually finds me anxious, getting the storm closet ready with purse, flashlight, candles, pillows and blankets.  I can seriously become so OCD in a matter of moments it's crazy.  I know that God knows the day/hour I will we welcomed home...I also know that HE gives us the wisdom to listen to warnings and take coverage!!!
The past few years the south has really had an increase in tornadoes during the early part of the year when it should normally be snowing or having ice storms.  I think I need to plan my Florida time during these months in the future!!!  Instead of my annual arrival in West Palm Beach during the Spring/Summer I think it's time I change it up and be there during the Winter/Spring seasons!!!

Anyway, I have a very close friend overseas that has only heard of tornadoes.  Where she lives is not known for such weather.  So, Sonja I've posted this video especially for you.  It's amazing how this camera caught these different views!  The really crazy thing is all too often this is all someone sees.  They may never actually see the "Funnel" because it's already on the ground and as you'll see here it just looks like some hail, wind, lightening and destruction. It's not until afterwards that you realize it was actually a funnel cloud/tornado. 
(P.S. around 6 minutes the video stops and continues to 10 minutes showing nothing but a bright light.)

Here's another view for those of you that don't have such weather.  This was not the same tornado it's an actual funnel called a "stovepipe".  

Fortunately these people were not injured.  I posted this one to show the power of these and how long one can stay on the ground.

Enjoy the beautiful, sunny, rare~ this time of year 85* day today!  It's a big change from just a couple of days ago!!  

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